After my 90 day challenge in 2010, I didn’t do much yoga for the rest of the year.. I guess I wore myself out of the idea!! Come 2011 and I found myself getting back into it and in less than 10 classes I was back to the form I was in at the end of the 90 day challenge in 2010 which was an absolutely amazing thing to me. That even after a year of not practicing the power of your body remembering is so great that I was able to get it back in just 10 classes. I asked my yoga teacher about this and she said it varies for different people but she said it was great that my body can bounce back in a short amount of time.

Now it is October and I haven’t gone to class since August so I am just getting back into the groove again. I just bought a 6 month pass and start this week. So far I have gone 3 times this week and I think that will be my goal in general. I don’t want to wear myself out by trying to go a lot and then I get tired of the hustle. The hustle meaning because it is a 90 minute class, plus the time commuting and showering ends up making this a 3 hour allocation for a workout in one day. Therefore I think 3 times a week at a minimum should be just enough to reap the benefits and keep me consistent.