The days after my 30 day challenge were amazing, I felt ever since I let that emotion release out of my body, my  practice felt much lighter. Amazing how a certain feeling, emotion of anger, regret, or sorrow, can really put a strain on your body. No wonder people get so many headaches and back pains and other sores in their body. It is definitely connected to the thoughts that are going on in our head. Another reason why being positive and releasing things is good, to protect our precious bodies!

So in practice I feel like I have been able to go a teeny weeny bit deeper into my postures, where before that emotion was holding me back because the tension was kept in my hip joints or wherever it was being kept. It is an amaaaazzing feeling to have released something and move on from it. I cannot wait to release more things and be able to have fuller and deeper practices!

PS. I am going to LA for a friend’s engagement and Bikram’s headquarters is in LA and happens to be just a 7 minute drive from my hotel !!!!! I even called the studio to see if Bikram might be teaching, and he just happens to be in town that weekend and will be teaching the Saturday 10 am class! I am so excited to see this man myself with my own eyes!!!!