It is weird but I found my week 3 to be pretty emotional. I found myself crying almost in every class last week. I guess I was bringing up some emotions I had previously pushed deep down inside me and it was time to let it out. The funny thing is half the time I don’t even know what I might be crying about but I know I am just letting something out of my system that was buried deep down. Clearly it doesn’t belong there, it is probably what contributes to the tension we keep inside our bodies. I am glad to have found a form of exercise that takes out these “toxins” from my body.

I even found myself crying outside of class a couple times, it was just a week of yanking out some emotions, happy and sad ones. One morning on the metro on the way to work I started crying thinking about how much I love my parents! I was just crying in joy and regret, happiness in how happy I am they are in my life, and sadness that I have not always been the nicest daughter to them.

But besides that I am super happy one of my favorite teachers Mark is back to teach in my studio again. He motivates me and gives me willpower I don’t realize I have until I am in his class. He has been through some emotional times himself and always shares his stories with us in class. He is just so real and I think that is why I feel like I relate to him more. Some teachers just seem like they are on a high on life 24/7 and it seems unrealistic to achieve. But he shows you can get there while talking about all the hard times we will experience too. So I am super excited to be taking more of his classes this month. He also told me my other favorite teacher Adam is coming back, and I am super super excited now because both of them are huge motivators for me in my practice. The last time I took Adam’s class was probably last August in 09. I am going to be jumping in joy when I see him this week! I’m so psyched both of them can be a part of my 90 day challenge!!

PS. I lost 2.5 pounds after 3 weeks of my practice ! =) I think it is starting to work!