A lot has changed since I last posted.

I haven’t lost or gained a pound since I weighed myself in June. I’ve had pizza and McDonalds the past few days because that’s all that has been available to me. This hasn’t caused any gain, however, because I just moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and we’ve been making trips up and down our stairs for going on three days now. We’re living in an older building so there’s no elevator and we’re so worn down it’s almost depressing. I even pulled a calf muscle!

I have approximately one more load of stuff to transport and I should be done. It’ll be painful, there are a lot of loose items that I’m sort of just throwing in my car because I’m so sick of packing. The apartment is beautiful though. Small, old, classy, and beautiful. It has one bedroom, a living room with an alcove and windows, one kitchen, and two pantries/storage areas. Parking is a little rough but we’re close to just about everything.

I feel terrible, though. My boyfriend has been carrying such heavy things up those stairs, it breaks my heart. He has ended the past two nights totally exhausted; panting for air, covered in sweat, tired, and sore. And for the past two nights, we’ve been woken up by my dog whining to go out which is strange because in the five months I’ve had him, prior to this week, he’d done that just twice, including when he was a tiny puppy. I’m trying to help but I’m not very strong. =(

Hopefully today is the last day we have to carry so much up those stairs. We still have some furniture to move but that’s one item and then it’s over. Unloading an entire car is just depressing.

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