Why I’m doing this

I am feeling down today.  So I thought I would write why I am going to all this trouble.

What I want (Big GOALS):

It’s getting harder to breath because of the fat on my neck.  That really scares me and I want it to go away.  I want to sleep laying down (I got mostly rid of the GERD, but it’s harder to breathe when I lay down).

I want to be able to hold down a job and help support my family – I am in too much pain and to easily winded to do that now and I’m tired of my kid smiling and saying “It’s OK Mom,when she has to do without again.

I want my kid to have better than me – she is learning all my bad habits, because I live them.

I want my brain back.  I am still foggy – but it was so much worse before.

small goals

1.  I want to ride on a plane
2.  I want to ride on a roller coaster
3.  I want to dance without getting hurt
4.  I want to buy a smaller size pants – not a bigger size
5.  I want my knees to stop hurting

I will try to add to this list at times like this when I feel down, maybe it will help me remember why giving up isn’t really an option anymore.

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