What I am doing:

What I am doing right now to eat better and move more: (subject to updates)

Eating plan:

1.  No gluten – am gluten sensitive and it causes me pain and tummy troubles

2.  9 servings of a variety of fruits and veg a day.

3.  Intermittent fasting (IF) daily. 12 to 18 hour fasting window

4.  Vegan and grain free 1st meal (at lunch time)

medicine food:

Daily – amino acid: l glutamine to help heal my poor intestines.

Daily – vitamin and probiotics with a meal to help replenish any low levels and help rebuild my gut after having problems for so long

Daily = ginger tea and/or peppermint tea daily to help with inflammation


Currently I am only able to walk a half mile 5 days a week.  I hope to change this soon.

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