It Burns!

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Just finished working out and my eyes are burning! When I was on the floor doing ab work, sweat was dripping into my eyes and it was so painful. This keeps happening, and I guess that I need to have some foresight and leave a towel nearby or something. It can’t possibly be good for my eyes!

I had a hard emotional day yesterday. But I ate really well! At least I can say that! It didn’t end up being warm enough to go walk/jog/ running stairs, and ended up spending too much time making copies at a copy center. I decided that I love the smell of copy centers. I’m not sure if it’s the ink, or the paper, or the mixture of the two, but it’s awesome. Same thing with new books.

Anyways, my goal for the rest of the week is to finish exercising by 10 in the AM. I’m being lazy and putting it off until 2, and then I get nothing else done for the day.


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There are some days/weeks, that I can look at a box of my favorite cookies and not be tempted at all. Last week was one of those weeks. It was my birthday, and I told myself I could be a little easy on the dieting. But none of the junk that my boyfriend keeps in the house sounded good. So I just kept it healthy.

But this week… is a whole different story. Everything sweet is tempting me. Even gross wafer cookies sound like a dream to me. I haven’t caved yet. I keep hoping that the boyf will just hurry up and eat them all so they won’t be in my life of vision when I open up the cupboard.

I am eating pretty good though. I finished my exercises for today. Tonight, we’re going out for a walk/jog/stair run. I’ll be glad to get a double work out in!

Sunday Exercise

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This weekend is over. Back to organized exercise. I don’t plan exercises on the weekend. If I do workout, that’s awesome. If not, it’s good to relax.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a run. He’s super fit and a good runner, so I know he goes slow just doing it for me, because it’s more of a walk/jog when I run. Before we left, we were supposed to go up to the super’s apartment for a lightbulb. Normally, we would take the elevator. It’s on the 10th floor. But we decided, in the name of good health, to take the stairs. We made it to the 10th floor, and I collapsed on a chair while my boyfriend went to get the bulb.

We then walked to a park nearby. On the way to the park, there are 2 different sets of huge stairs to go up. Needless to say, I am staired out for awhile!

I like doing outside fun exercising like this. Maybe we’ll make it a regular Sunday thing.

I’ve already done my¬† Firm 500 Calorie Workout today, so I’m feeling good and motivated. I just have to keep all the bad food out of my body!


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I weighed myself today and I have gained 3pounds since yesterday! How is that possible? I ate so clean yesterday and I worked out for over an hour. Either I’m doing something so wrong, or I’m retaining water because of hormones or something. It’s crazy. I did eat out on Wednesday for my birthday, but I didn’t go crazy or anything.

I’m trying to not let this get me down. But it’s been hard today. The boyf had cookies and donuts laying around, and normally I don’t even let the thought cross my mind to eat them. But today, I almost caved in and ate a couple of donuts. I was thinking, at the time, “Might as well have a couple, I already gained a couple of pounds.” But that’s the kind of thinking that’s going to put me on a downward spiral. I told him that he need to get those cinnamon sugar donuts out of the apartment. My willpower is too low today for such temptation!

So I ate fairly clean today. I did have a couple of mini rice cakes, but I don’t think that’s too bad.

The weekend is finally here. I give myself breaks on Saturdays. But even though I’m not exercising, we still pretty active on the weekends. We try to walk around downtown as much as possible, and I’m usually sore by the end of the day!

Wish me luck to eat well this weekend!


Being Accountable

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I started my new workout and healthy eating program at the beginning of March. I made a chart of daily goals, that I marked off everyday. I made 9 weeks of charts (finishing on my birthday, as a kind of celebration). I thought that since I was doing nothing before, the pounds would just melt off. For a month, I was eating pretty healthy and alternating different workout videos (some bollywood workout, and Slim in 6/Ramp it up). I didn’t lose a pound. But the exercises were getting easier, so I think that I was getting in shape. At this point, in the past, I would give up and go back to being lazy and eating a bunch of junk. But I decided to keep going.

I was so bored with Slim in 6, so I got some Firm workouts from the library to switch things up. I started with the 500 Calorie Workout. And it just blew my mind away! It was so tough, by the end, I was literally drenched in sweat. So for the next month, I did the 500 Calorie Workout alternating with a couple of other Firm workouts. After two weeks, I had lost 5 pounds. It might not seem like a lot, but after losing zero in the first month, I was so excited.

Then I got a nasty cold. I tried to keep up with the workout, but I was too weak, and I was coughing so much. I took a 3 day break from exercising. In the past, illnesses would be where I would get off track and stop exercising. So when I took the break, I was very apprehensive that I would lose all my motivation. But I didn’t!

I got back on track and two weeks after my last weigh-in (do I sound like an episode of Biggest Loser or what?) I had lost another 5 pounds. I was ecstatic! Ten pounds in a month is pretty awesome.

So that was last week. I weighed myself this morning and I didn’t lose anymore. I’m pretty sure that it’s because I went a little overboard with my birthday dinner last night. But it was my birthday, so I don’t feel too bad. I got right back on track, and ate a healthy breakfast this morning, and a healthy lunch. I finished my workout and I’m feeling good.

But I went to go mark off all the things that I had done today, and I realized that my 9 week checklist of goals is all filled in! I have never lasted so long eating healthy and exercising consistently in my life. So I need to make a new checklist with some new improved daily goals.

Also I wanted to start another way to be accountable, i.e. this blog. I’m going to try to write after I exercise and eat well everyday. And maybe explore different eating plans and exercises. Wish me luck!


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