Being Accountable

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I started my new workout and healthy eating program at the beginning of March. I made a chart of daily goals, that I marked off everyday. I made 9 weeks of charts (finishing on my birthday, as a kind of celebration). I thought that since I was doing nothing before, the pounds would just melt off. For a month, I was eating pretty healthy and alternating different workout videos (some bollywood workout, and Slim in 6/Ramp it up). I didn’t lose a pound. But the exercises were getting easier, so I think that I was getting in shape. At this point, in the past, I would give up and go back to being lazy and eating a bunch of junk. But I decided to keep going.

I was so bored with Slim in 6, so I got some Firm workouts from the library to switch things up. I started with the 500 Calorie Workout. And it just blew my mind away! It was so tough, by the end, I was literally drenched in sweat. So for the next month, I did the 500 Calorie Workout alternating with a couple of other Firm workouts. After two weeks, I had lost 5 pounds. It might not seem like a lot, but after losing zero in the first month, I was so excited.

Then I got a nasty cold. I tried to keep up with the workout, but I was too weak, and I was coughing so much. I took a 3 day break from exercising. In the past, illnesses would be where I would get off track and stop exercising. So when I took the break, I was very apprehensive that I would lose all my motivation. But I didn’t!

I got back on track and two weeks after my last weigh-in (do I sound like an episode of Biggest Loser or what?) I had lost another 5 pounds. I was ecstatic! Ten pounds in a month is pretty awesome.

So that was last week. I weighed myself this morning and I didn’t lose anymore. I’m pretty sure that it’s because I went a little overboard with my birthday dinner last night. But it was my birthday, so I don’t feel too bad. I got right back on track, and ate a healthy breakfast this morning, and a healthy lunch. I finished my workout and I’m feeling good.

But I went to go mark off all the things that I had done today, and I realized that my 9 week checklist of goals is all filled in! I have never lasted so long eating healthy and exercising consistently in my life. So I need to make a new checklist with some new improved daily goals.

Also I wanted to start another way to be accountable, i.e. this blog. I’m going to try to write after I exercise and eat well everyday. And maybe explore different eating plans and exercises. Wish me luck!