No Late Night Snacks

Posted by longtallbee on May 20th, 2011 |Filed Under Exercise, Food | Leave a Comment

Instead of vegging in front of the TV with some random junk food, I decided to blog about how I did today.

I had a very busy day and didn’t get to exercise until about 4. Normally I blog about exercise right when I finish, but I had to do a million things. I am really liking this kickboxing video. I didn’t think it would be much of a workout, but I’ve had more sore muscles from this video that my much harder 500 Calorie workout.

My eating has been so on track this week. I haven’t even felt too tempted to eat any junk. I think it’s the cottage cheese I’ve added to my diet. It fills me up and lasts long in my tummy!

Long weekend, here I come! And Free Day, here I come! And No Rain Tomorrow, here I come!


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