Monday, Monday

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Usually, on Mondays I’ll say to myself, “Aren’t Monday’s the worst?” But today, Monday isn’t feeling so bad. Maybe it’s because yesterday was such a bad day, that the tiredness of today doesn’t feel so bad.

The boyf and I were just crabby to each other all day. And that doesn’t make for an enjoyable stuck-inside-rainy-day. Today, we woke up more cheerful and happy. Which is odd for a Monday.

I stayed OP yestderday. Actually, I ate better than I usually do on Sundays. I’m slowly but surely taking off the pounds. I can’t wait to be able to have a ticker on 3FC, so I can track my weight visually. This website has been so motivational for me. I really feel, for the first time ever, that my “healthy eating” is sticking. Most of the time, I don’t feel like I’m on a diet. I feel like I’ve just decided to eat things that are good for me.

My old go-to junk food was chips. Doritos, Ruffles, Lays, Fritos, Cheetos, anything. I could eat a bag in one sitting. And then I would feel sick. But I loved them. We used to buy two bags of chips every week when we went grocery shopping. “They were for my boyfriend’s lunches.” When I started eating healthy, I cut out chips, which was hard to do. When I went to go make the grocery list the next week, I realized that we still had one and a half bags of chips left. Which meant that I had been eating one and a half bags of chips all by myself. Every week. That is gross. I must have lost 5 pounds just from stopping the chip binges!

I do have to say, regarding my free days, that I can tell the difference in how I feel on free days vs. how I feel the rest of the week. After we eat out, and have a treat and lay down a bit, I always feel sick to my stomach on Saturdays. And I’m figuring out, it’s because of all the garbage that my body is not used to eating anymore. It’s kind of made me more aware of how junk food really affects my body. Eventually, I’ll probably cut “free day” to “free meal” and then maybe phase it out completely. Right now, it’s a crutch to help me not eat junk all week long. But I won’t always need it. And that thought makes me happy.

Well, I was all over the place today. Maybe tomorrow, my thoughts will be a bit more organized.


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