It Burns!

Posted by longtallbee on May 11th, 2011 |Filed Under Exercise, Personal | Leave a Comment

Just finished working out and my eyes are burning! When I was on the floor doing ab work, sweat was dripping into my eyes and it was so painful. This keeps happening, and I guess that I need to have some foresight and leave a towel nearby or something. It can’t possibly be good for my eyes!

I had a hard emotional day yesterday. But I ate really well! At least I can say that! It didn’t end up being warm enough to go walk/jog/ running stairs, and ended up spending too much time making copies at a copy center. I decided that I love the smell of copy centers. I’m not sure if it’s the ink, or the paper, or the mixture of the two, but it’s awesome. Same thing with new books.

Anyways, my goal for the rest of the week is to finish exercising by 10 in the AM. I’m being lazy and putting it off until 2, and then I get nothing else done for the day.


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