Doctor’s Visit

I went back to the doctor today and their scale showed a definite 12lbs loss from when I was their previously a month ago. So, go me! My blood pressure was also almost back to normal. It registered at 120/70. Last month is was at about 140/something..I can’t remember the last number because I was so shocked that it was high. But that is two victories. However, my visit was about the persistent pain in my left breast that I have had for 3+ months. Last time the doctor said that it was muscular and to try heat + ibuprofen. I was very careful to not stress the region and was not getting any relief after a month, so I went back to the doctor to check for the possibility of inflammation or cysts. The nurse said that my breasts feel fine, but she was concerned with my high resting pulse rate. It was at 102 and it should be between 60-80 beats per minute. So she put me on Atenolol to see if that helps with my pain and lowers my heart rate. Atenolol is also used to lower blood pressure. But, since my blood pressure is lowering on it’s own, I really hope that I wont have to stay on the pills once my heart rate is normal. I took one this afternoon and I do feel much better, although I feel pretty damn sleepy. Hopefully that will pass once my body adjusts to the medication. However, taking this medicine and feeling better does scare me. That means that the pain I was feeling was caused by my heart and now I am concerned about why my heart was beating so quickly.

I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned right now and focus on continually making my body healthier so I may one day be off of these meds. I will just have to take it one day at a time.

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