Food Log 04/30/09

I’m still not doing the best with my daily food intake. I’m having mad cravings for sweets and I am blaming that on my TOM being just around the corner. Breakfast: I slept in, so I decided to eat my normal breakfast for lunch. I did have a glass of water and 1/2 cup of […]

My food log for 4/28/09

I decided to start keeping track of my food intake. I’m not calorie counting, but I feel that this will help me see where I am lacking and what I need to add to amp up my weightloss. I didn’t do as well today as I have done previously, but I still feel good about […]

Doctor’s Visit

I went back to the doctor today and their scale showed a definite 12lbs loss from when I was their previously a month ago. So, go me! My blood pressure was also almost back to normal. It registered at 120/70. Last month is was at about 140/something..I can’t remember the last number because I was […]

A small victory.

Today I went to a family function. *insert dramatic music here* In my family, functions almost always mean food…and lots of food. This worried me because I have been doing really well in the comfort zone of my house and favorite restaurants. I’ve stayed on track by eating whole grains, plenty of fruits and veggies, […]

Why am I obese?

I have been chubby for most of my life. I have one picture of me as a skinny child when I was about three or four years old. From that point forward, I have always had reasons for why my weight skyrocketed to the point of me being ‘obese’ in my 20s. My Various Reasons […]