Nope, I didn’t fall off the wagon…

10 Aug 2011 In: General

I didn’t write a blog yesterday because yesterday was SUPER busy!!! We woke up early to go to a town about 35 miles north of here to get my van checked out, ran by my school and bought my books for the coming semester, came home and met my daughter’s kindergarten teacher, went grocery shopping, and then I had to get kids to bed and get myself to bed for waking up early this morning.  WHEW!  However, I had a good day eating-wise though.

This morning, we had a breakfast engagement with 13 members of my family to honor 2 of their birthdays.  Of all things we ate at my favorite Belgian waffle place here in town.  Their waffles are literally THE best waffles I’ve ever had in my life!!!! As are their eggs benedict & hashbrowns…etc.  You get the idea. So I was a little worried about going there. Especially being around my family who all LOVE to eat, it’d be so easy for me to just sneak in a waffle and an eggs benedict and a large cup of coffee with sugar & creamer.

However, I made a plan before we even went in to the restaurant to look at the omelets.

So, we got in the restaurant. I opened the menu and I refused to even look at the waffles or any other food items (including reading the descriptions) and I found the omelets.  Good news?  I can use egg whites! SCORE!

So, I ordered an omelet made with 1 egg and the rest egg whites, mushrooms, ham & onion.  And I found myself blurting out “no hashbrowns or toast” before I could stop myself.  What was that?  My brain was making conscious decisions without the help from my stomach!!! THIS is what I’ve been waiting for!!!!

Might I also add, that the omelet that I ordered was FANTASTIC!!!!  I enjoyed every bite of it!


AND, pausing here to say that I think that pre-TOM bloat is here!

Yesterday’s weight was 194.8, today it’s 195.6.

I can do this, I can get through TOM without feeling depressed or discouraged about my weight going up.

2 WEEKS!!!!!!

8 Aug 2011 In: General

When I first started this “detox”, I wasn’t sure how long I’d last on it. It’s definitely been one of those “day by day” things.  And look at me now, 2 weeks in! Amazing!

I will have to say that today I struggled a little.  My dinner was way bigger than it should have been (baked pork chop, homemade guacamole & a sweet potato). Delicious – but I should have watched my portions.

Also, this morning my weigh-in was 195.0 – up from yesterday and no reason why it should have been….except for ….dun dun dun…TOM!!!!

Sure enough my breasticles have started doing their hurting thing (that typically comes 3-5 days pre-period) and that only means that my pre-TOM bloat has begun.

So, this is the point where I fight the discouragement that will come if I don’t see a loss this Friday.  You all have to help me! 🙂

Here’s to 2 weeks and 1 day!!!!!!

Day 13 – tomorrow’s a biggee!

7 Aug 2011 In: General

Day 13!  13 days!!!  I am just one day shy of 2 full weeks on my “healthy eating detox”.  2 FULL WEEKS! I’m really excited about tomorrow!

Today went pretty smooth.  Had my normal breakfast of 1 egg, 1 egg white & low calorie toast.  I’ve really grown to love that breakfast.  I look forward to it.  Lunch was left over chicken tikka masala….(and I need to tell you that the love I feel for that particular dish is probably unhealthy all on it’s own.  BUT at least I’ve found a super-duper healthy version to make!).  Dinner was tilapia and a salad.  Snacks of turkey pepperoni & bananas filled in the gaps.

This morning’s weigh in was 194.4. (for those following along; I normally weigh in just once a week – but this weeks weigh-in will be hampered by pre-TOM bloat, so I’m weighing in every day and then taking the average for the week for my weigh-in.)

Day 12

6 Aug 2011 In: General

I am currently fighting with every thing I have in my the urge to go heat up my Chicken Tikka Masala left overs.  If it was during the day, it wouldn’t be an issue as it’s the healthy version (and might I add, this is the best batch I’ve made since I started making the healthy version).  However, since it’s 10:20 at night – I can’t let myself go do that.  I can do this dangit!!!  Hoping I’ll get cozy enough in my bed (which is where I’m currently sitting – working from my laptop). This is where my laziness sometimes comes in handy…too lazy to get up to go get food…haha!

Today was a fairly easy day (up to tonight) as far as cravings go. I did weigh myself this morning…

……easy there.  There’s a method to my madness.

My next weigh-in – TOM (time of the month) will be here.  And I typically will see a 2-3 pound increase around that time.  So, for this week only I have decided to weigh myself every morning up until weigh-in day.  Then I’m going to add them all up and take the average weight from this coming week as my weigh-in total.  This way, I won’t be down 3 pounds the day before weigh-in and then up 3 pounds (breaking even) the day of and have to fight off the depression from that.

So, this morning – 194.2 (I KNEW it’d be at least a pound less than my “offical” weigh-in yesterday as after my weigh-in yesterday – my colon decided to kick in…mmmm TMI!)…lol.  So. yeah.

Here’s to tomorrow!

Day 11

5 Aug 2011 In: General

Dear geez!  You’d think I came from an Italian family that would make the Real Housewives of New Jersey ashamed.  Long story short: my brother asked for a favor, I gave them my opinion.  His wife didn’t like my opinion and they have since called twice and left hate-filled voicemails and sent me a hate-filled email. The last thing he said on his final voicemail was that I should forget he was my brother.

Let me tell you exactly how that plays with ones emotions and makes me want to dive, face-first, into a vat of chocolate!!!  See, this is my oldest brother.  He’s about 12 years older than me.  I’m the baby of the family.  I have always looked up to him and of all my siblings, he’s always been the most protective of me.  So – to have him stand by while his wife calls me ignorant, rude & immature…I’m not gonna lie when I say it feels like a knife in my heart.

I’m not sure if this is something that could ever be fixed.  It’s certainly difficult.  And I have cried about a bazillion tears about it already.

One thing we’ve (my mom, sister & I) vowed to do was to give it to God and then LEAVE it with God (not take it back on our shoulders).  I did nothing to warrant a such a reaction from them.  And the more that we all sit around and talk about it the worse it makes it (venting is one thing – making it a constant current topic is toxic).  So, we had completely dropped it two days ago…and then I got the voicemail tonight of my brother telling me to forget I’m his brother.  So, I’m once again giving it to God and not letting it come back and sit on my shoulders (or make me sway from my clean eating)

Let’s top that bit of news with my sweetheart being admitted to the hospital today with chest pains, tingly left arm & pains in his jaw.  (tell me that’s not scary!!!).  They’re keeping him overnight for observation – but as of now, they’ve found no reason for it.

I did eat Chicken Tikka Masala tonight.  But….hold on before you start throwing things at me….it was completely healthy!!!!

I used all the spices & chicken tenderloins

Added about 1/3 cup of tomatoes/juice

and 1/4 cup milk (1% milk – my dairy for the day)

and while it didn’t taste completely like the chicken tikka from my favoritest Indian restaurant, it still tasted pretty amazing.  Amazing enough that I will definitely be making it again.  I ate it with brown basamati rice & a whole wheat pita (in place of the naan).

OH…and…hahahaahhaah….just to show you God has a sense of humor,

I was cleaning my room (I am spring cleaning in the summer).  I was going through a box when I found an unopened easter chocolate.  But I laughed because it’s in the shape of praying hands and says “hear my prayers”.  There is NO way I could eat that knowing that I have been praying for God to help me to resist my cravings…. I actually chuckled out loud as I was throwing it away….

All in all one of the more emotionally draining days I’ve had in a while – but I passed the test of no emotional eating.  So – that was a good thing.

weigh-in day!

5 Aug 2011 In: Goals, Weigh-Ins

2.8 pound loss this week!!!!  That means in the past 10 days of detox I’ve lost 6 pounds!  Now, I will admit that I wasn’t all that excited to “only” see a 2.8 pound loss this morning . HOWEVER, I’ve come to realize that that’s 2.8 pounds closer to my goal.  Not only that – but that already puts me at my mini-goal of where I wanted to be on August 26!! That means I get to already make a new mini-goal!  THAT is exciting to me.  It also means that I’m only 4 pounds away from already losing 10 pounds.  And you know what they say…I can’t lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 10 pounds 10 times.   By the time I’m at my goal weight, I will have (hopefully) lost 112 pounds!!  That’s 10 pounds 11 times.  I’ve already lost 10 pounds 6.5 times.  I’m way more than halfway there.  So, this doesn’t deter me or make me want to gorge myself.  I’m doing great and plan to keep it up!

day 10!

4 Aug 2011 In: General

Into the double digits now with my days.  That’s pretty amazing! That’s 10 days with no junk food…none…zero…zilch….nada!  No chips, no cookies, no funyuns, no root beer, no indian food.  My diet for the past 10 days has consisted of lean meats, complex carbs and loads of fruits & vegetables.

And tomorrow is weigh in day! *eek*  I keep trying to not get my hopes high.  A loss is a loss, it’s just that with such regimented eating – obviously I’m hoping for more than a pound.

Since tomorrow is weigh-in day, it was certainly easier to eat really good today.  OH, my lunch!  I had a pita pizza (using the homemade pizza sauce).  I made it with some left over tomato & basil chicken, and grilled onions, grilled mushrooms & roasted garlic.  Oh my heavens it was out of this world!!!!

My main squeeze (who lives out of town) and two super-duper close friends are coming into town on the 12th (one week from tomorrow).  I know that I can keep up the completely clean eating until then.  I also know that while they’re here I will allow myself some what of a splurge – but certainly nothing overboard.

So my detox will go until the 12th.  And probably re-commence after they leave. 🙂

Day 9 – emotions!

3 Aug 2011 In: General

Wow.  Just when I thought that things were getting easier with the cravings…

I had a big family crisis invade my life and it came to a huge climax around 2:45 this morning.  All day today I have just wanted to bury myself in a vat of Chicken Tikka Masala and send myself into an orange chocolate coma.  I had to go to the grocery store and it seems like everywhere I turned there was M&M’s, Orange Chocolate, Mashed potatoes, brownies, cookies, York peppermint patties, Snicker’s Bars.  And holy moly, have the Funyun bags always been that noticeable?!?!

It was definitely a trying day.  I’ve made it to the end of day 9 with my dignity and my detox still in tact – but it has been absolutely (almost) the roughest day yet.

I’m hoping that I can get a good nights rest tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling better emotionally (which will in turn help me with my eating).

And then…… 2 days is the big weigh-in!  I’ve been a good girl and haven’t even looked at the scales!

Day 8

2 Aug 2011 In: General

Day 8.  Things seem to be easier.  By things I mean shoving aside cravings.  Well, whenever I HAVE an unhealthy craving that is.  I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve been eating.  I bought some of the best grapes I have ever had in my life!  I was craving grapes tonight.  But I was all out.  So I had to settle for a banana.

I have a new-found love for Mrs. Dash seasonings.  They are so easy and make my chicken or fish taste so great! And those pita pizzas…I’m obsessed with them. I need to try to branch out and try new flavors. I think that will be one thing that could possibly be a hang up is running out of food ideas.  Other than that…I’m enjoying how I’ve been eating.

My next weigh-in is 3 days away.  I’m trying to mentally prepare myself.  I’m trying to be realistic and realize that I may have only lost a pound this past week.  Or, maybe lost nothing at all while my body adjusts.  But it’s also easy to daydream about stepping on the scale to a 3-4 pound loss.  It’s made it really tempting to step on the scale and get a sneak peek of my weight.  However, I have been completely good and haven’t weighed myself since Friday.  So, we shall see!


1 Aug 2011 In: General, Goals, Life, Menu

Sound the alarms, throw the confetti, and break out the…uh….fresh fruit!

This girl has made it an entire week on no crap/no junk/detox-ish thing.

Let’s run through a short list of the tiny amount of symptoms I have experienced this past week:
hot flashes (kind of…more or less the claminess)
oil seeping out of my skin

the good parts –
I have been sleeping all through the night all this week!
energy is definitely up
cravings are a little easier to put aside

Today I ate
egg/egg whites
whole grain toast
pita pizza in yesterday’s post (my bff mentioned adding various veggies…why I never thought of that I have not a clue – but I added mushrooms  & onion to mine…YUM!)
sweet potato
fresh green beans (one of my fav)

I’ll most definitely keep this up until my next weigh in.  From there I’ll decide how to proceed….

my journey down the weight loss highway….