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Weigh-in and such

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I forgot to come here and blog about my weigh-in on Friday, mainly due to such a hectic weekend! Nevertheless, I lost 2 pounds this past week.  I’m going to be honest, I’m really disappointed that in my 3 weeks back on I haven’t had a big weight loss yet.  I’m not disappointed to the […]

weigh in: -1.6 lbs.

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218.4 Not going to lie, I’m trying to not be disappointed.  I thought that with my special purpose being here during last weeks weigh-in (so I thought that maybe I lost more than what thee scale said) on top of the cut back on carbs and all the motion I found myself in this week […]

Weigh in day **drumroll**

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220.0. Exactly 1 pound weight loss. BUT I’m actually feeling pretty good about this! A) My special purpose is in full effect right now, and any loss during that time is a good thing! B) This is the lowest my scale has been since February C) Any loss is still a loss and working towards […]

small changes – one day at a time

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I’m trying to make some small changes in my day to day eating.  This is better than making big changes because I’m more likely to succeed with making small changes as opposed to an entire overhaul.  Some changes I’m trying out: 1) Water.  That’s my drink of preference.  I do on occasion have coffee, but […]

Weigh-In day!

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Yep. You’re not imagining things. That’s a 2.5 pound loss this past week. I’m floored actually. After the weekend that I had, topped off with my special purpose being here I was expecting things to stay pretty even with last weeks weigh in. So – I’m already past my goal for Aug 26. Hmmm…I do […]

Weigh-in Day

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THIS IS WEIGH IN DAY FROM FRIDAY AUGUST 12, 2011 (and I’ve changed my ticker in honor of football season starting up!! WOOT!) I knew that my special purpose was supposed to come this past Sunday, so I took my average weights for the week to come up with my weight loss for the week.  […]

weigh-in day!

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2.8 pound loss this week!!!!  That means in the past 10 days of detox I’ve lost 6 pounds!  Now, I will admit that I wasn’t all that excited to “only” see a 2.8 pound loss this morning . HOWEVER, I’ve come to realize that that’s 2.8 pounds closer to my goal.  Not only that – […]

Weigh in day…drumroll

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Yep. 3 days ago I weighed 202.  Today I weigh 198.8. Now. I will stop here and say that I have made drastic changes in how I eat simply in shocking my body and for me to gain some kind of self control over my cravings for the immediate and long-term future.  I haven’t been […]

Starting weight…

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Well, there it is. The beginning of a new journey. This time I’m inviting God along. Today, I’m going grocery shopping.  I’m also going to work on establishing my guidelines & my plan of attack.  All of which I’ll share on here once I get it figured out. My first mini-goal is to lose 6 […]

Weigh-In Day 192 | 6.6 lb gone!

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…since Aug 27. (that’s when I set my mini-goals, this one being my first one) My first mini goal was to weigh 193 by 09/24/10 – I SURPASSED this mini-goal a week early! WOOT!!! I’m kind of on cloud nine right now! I do realize that I’m still 6 pounds from my lowest weight ever, […]

my journey down the weight loss highway….