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Neglecting my blog… *sniff*

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Yes, I have not been on my blog in a while.  But now the challenge on 3FC is starting back up and I couldn’t be more excited!  I always find that I stay SO much more on track when the challenge is going on.  I’m now going to transfer over a couple of my myspace […]

Weigh-In 10/26/07

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 Halloween Goal: Ultimate Goal:  Yes….. this week, I LOST 2 POUNDS!!!! For everything that’s been going on this last week, on top of not doing a single ounce of exercise for the past 2 weeks, I was VERY excited to see 206 on the scale this morning.  Also, as you’ll notice, the ultimate goal has […]

Weigh-in 10/12/07

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Halloween Goal Ultimate Goal   I LOST  3  POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! I can not even begin to explain my excitement right now!!!!  I have never lost 3 pounds in a single week!!!!!  My hard work is starting to really pay off!  I am now in the single-digits … 209.   AND, as a NSV, I have to re-adjust my […]

9/29/07 Weigh-In

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Halloween Goal Ultimate Goal: Yes…. I LOST 2 POUNDS!!!!!!!!! And, I am still 2 days from my “old” weigh-in date!  So, I’m sure I could have lost 3 pounds… but, I’m starting to weigh-in on Friday mornings…. so, this week I weighed in on Saturday morning (as a transition) and next week I’ll weigh in […]

Added tabs…yes!

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In the tabs at the top of my page, I added a page for my measurements and weights.  On the weights page, you’ll notice that I have set my mini-goals until June of next year!!!! Pretty neat to see the possibilities of where I can be in just 9 months time!

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