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Tomorrow is it

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well, actually…in about 9 hours – it will be weigh-in day. I’m reflecting on the last 2 weeks of trying to watch my carb intake. I’ve felt so much better and have so much more energy. But now it’s time to step it up a notch. I am still going to continue to watch my […]


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I’ve mentioned before that one of the most dangerous times for me is at night after getting my kids to bed. I tend to think of this as “my” time where I can just veg out on the couch, watch mindless reality tv, and unwind from the day. It’s also during this time that I […]

small changes – one day at a time

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I’m trying to make some small changes in my day to day eating.  This is better than making big changes because I’m more likely to succeed with making small changes as opposed to an entire overhaul.  Some changes I’m trying out: 1) Water.  That’s my drink of preference.  I do on occasion have coffee, but […]

Hello long, lost friend

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I am SO SO SO happy that I remembered the login credentials for this blog!  I have too much of my weight loss life written here that’d I’d be sad to not have access to it. Hello again It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last written.  A few years and a few pounds gained. […]


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Since I started my “junk food detox” (or food reboot, thank you Angie for that word!) 3 weeks ago today (minus the weekend I had) I have been thinking and wondering when it is that I should start re-introducing certain foods back into my diet.  At first I wanted to do it whenever I thought […]

weigh-in day!

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2.8 pound loss this week!!!!  That means in the past 10 days of detox I’ve lost 6 pounds!  Now, I will admit that I wasn’t all that excited to “only” see a 2.8 pound loss this morning . HOWEVER, I’ve come to realize that that’s 2.8 pounds closer to my goal.  Not only that – […]


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Sound the alarms, throw the confetti, and break out the…uh….fresh fruit! This girl has made it an entire week on no crap/no junk/detox-ish thing. Let’s run through a short list of the tiny amount of symptoms I have experienced this past week: headaches hot flashes (kind of…more or less the claminess) jitteriness oil seeping out […]

Weigh in day…drumroll

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Yep. 3 days ago I weighed 202.  Today I weigh 198.8. Now. I will stop here and say that I have made drastic changes in how I eat simply in shocking my body and for me to gain some kind of self control over my cravings for the immediate and long-term future.  I haven’t been […]

day 3

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Day 3.  And I have made it through another entire day with SUCCESS!!  No junk.  No crap.  No trash food. Today, I never experienced a headache.  BUT, my skin on my face is SOOOOO oily!   I’ve seriously never noticed it being this oily before.  I have read that this can be a symptom of “detox”.  […]

Starting weight…

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Well, there it is. The beginning of a new journey. This time I’m inviting God along. Today, I’m going grocery shopping.  I’m also going to work on establishing my guidelines & my plan of attack.  All of which I’ll share on here once I get it figured out. My first mini-goal is to lose 6 […]

my journey down the weight loss highway….