well, actually…in about 9 hours – it will be weigh-in day.

I’m reflecting on the last 2 weeks of trying to watch my carb intake. I’ve felt so much better and have so much more energy. But now it’s time to step it up a notch. I am still going to continue to watch my carb intake (and by carb intake I mean breads, rice, cakes, brownies, sugar, etc), but I am also going to start loosely following along with Weight Watchers again to start reeling in my portions. I have made some really great choices when it comes to meals – and now I want to make even better choices by watching how MUCH of these things I’m eating.

Goals for tomorrow:
**set up my weight watchers app
**meal plan for the week ahead (I’m needing to make sure that I stay creative with meals so that I don’t fall into the pit of “I’m out of ideas so let’s order pizza”)
**grocery shopping. Ugh. Most of the time I enjoy it, but the budget that we’re currently on makes it a little stressful

Goals for the week:
**measure measure measure everything I eat. This is always the hardest habit for me to get into when I’m on weight watchers.
**water, water, and more water.

I shall see you in……8.5 hours for weigh-in