We have had a TON of rain over the past few weeks. And the days that it was somewhat dry it was hot and humid outside. This has made mowing our yard nearly impossible. Our backyard was well past getting a citation from the county (and I’m shocked we hadn’t yet). But, with the threat of tropical storm Bill…I knew it had to be done. Dry yard or not.

So, I waited until my youngest was asleep, told my husband to keep an ear out for him, turned on the playlist, and started in on it.

Side note here, my playlist is 90% New Kids On the Block old school. I probably looked like a full on moron, but when Jordan Knight is telling you he believes in you in your ear…you jam! 😉

I had been mowing for about 5-10 minutes when I felt sweat actually dripping off my eyebrow. This feeling seriously put a big old pep in my step. You see, usually I don’t sweat a whole lot. AKA, I don’t get a lot of exercise. So it felt so amazing to finally feel my body responding to being in motion! I was able to mow for about 45 minutes before I needed a break. I was having to go over a strip of the yard with the mower up on its two back wheels, then I’d go over the same strip with all 4 wheels down. It took me two more 45 minute intervals to get the yard finished. And each time I would feel that amazing feeling of sweat rolling down my brow, off my forehead, down my neck. I still feel great from that “workout” tonight. I have this app on my phone that keeps track of my steps (when I have it on me). I average around 2500 steps a day. Today? 8700! That’s my second largest steps range I’ve gotten. Second to the NKOTB concert where I logged nearly 10,000 (dancing, dancing!).

Dinner tonight was a lightly breaded, baked tilapia filet and steamed broccoli.

Feeling positive about this weeks weigh-in!