It’s no secret (to those who know me) my feelings about my ex-husband. Well…wait…I should say that the only feelings I have regarding my ex is the way that he treats my kids. I would say “our kids” but he has yet to be any kind of dad to them. To me, he simply is just a sperm donor. But unfortunately the state that we live in could give two flying flips about the mental or emotional (and occasional physical) abuse that he subjects them to….so even though I have sole custody of my kids, he still gets visitation. Because he’s been too busy touring the country with his newest gal pal (who is fresh out of her own marriage….hysterical!) he FORGOT that he has the kids next week for 6 days. FORGOT!!!! They leave tomorrow to go with him. It’s one of the hardest times of the years for me (and for them). Them being gone next week along with my now-husband being so ill…all I’ll want to do is stress eat. I dare say that this coming week will be the ultimate test in this new eating lifestyle that I’ve adopted.