Sound the alarms, throw the confetti, and break out the…uh….fresh fruit!

This girl has made it an entire week on no crap/no junk/detox-ish thing.

Let’s run through a short list of the tiny amount of symptoms I have experienced this past week:
hot flashes (kind of…more or less the claminess)
oil seeping out of my skin

the good parts –
I have been sleeping all through the night all this week!
energy is definitely up
cravings are a little easier to put aside

Today I ate
egg/egg whites
whole grain toast
pita pizza in yesterday’s post (my bff mentioned adding various veggies…why I never thought of that I have not a clue – but I added mushrooms  & onion to mine…YUM!)
sweet potato
fresh green beans (one of my fav)

I’ll most definitely keep this up until my next weigh in.  From there I’ll decide how to proceed….