I should be happy about the 1 pound loss, and that I’m in the 180’s, AND that I’m only 1.8 pounds from my lowest adult weight on this here weight loss trip. But I’m bummed that in 3 weeks, I only lost 1 pound! I have several theories though. The most logical? I only really started measuring out EVERYTHING I eat and faithfully keeping up with my points about a week and a half ago. PLUS, I did start my period today so there should be some form of “bloat” going on. We’ll see come the next weigh-in. But I’ve resigned myself to be happy about it. A new decade to lose YAY!


So I have 8 weeks and 3 days before the Michael Buble’ concert to lose 6 pounds. SO WAY doable that I may change that goal. That would blow my mind to be able to do that. I still need to go through and change up my “weights” tab up top

In other news, I’m having a girls day with my BFF this weekend. I am SOOOOOOO excited about it! I’m sure there will be Chicken Tikka Masala involved. *giggle*. I actually sat up last night and tried to find some different nutritional info. places so I could figure up the points for it. Yep, I’m officially hardcore!