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19 Jul 2015 In: General

I haven’t had the chance (and I’m not sure that I will) to put all of these posts into a new blog – but from now on I will be posting on my new blog (which SHOULD allow comments!)

Weigh-in and such

28 Jun 2015 In: General, Weigh-Ins

I forgot to come here and blog about my weigh-in on Friday, mainly due to such a hectic weekend! Nevertheless, I lost 2 pounds this past week.  I’m going to be honest, I’m really disappointed that in my 3 weeks back on I haven’t had a big weight loss yet.  I’m not disappointed to the point of giving up – because a loss is still a loss – but I just thought things would be moving a little quicker.  I’ve stayed on point as well as been cutting back in a big way on my carb and sugar intake.  I feel better, I just hate that the process takes so long.

But the great news is that I’m at the lowest weight that I’ve seen since last year.  So – I’m good with that. 🙂

I am currently in the process of transferring most of my blog posts from this blog to a new host so that comments will no longer be disabled.  It’s so weird that that’s happened.  I will let all of you know when that happens.

For now if you have Instagram – you can follow along with me there as well.  I post nearly daily and have made some really great connections who help keep me accountable. IG name = ww_mcloserpants


24 Jun 2015 In: General

I hit a wall yesterday.  Not with  my eating.  But my body.  I literally woke up and felt like I had been hit by a semi.  I have had so much energy with my new way of eating, maybe yesterday was it all catching up with me?  No idea.  But I was beyond tired and just felt weak all day.  It was really bizarre and not something I’m used to.  This led to a NSV though.

I was so tired yesterday that for the first time in 3 weeks I did not want to cook anything for dinner.  I relented and let my husband order pizza for himself and the kids.  I told him I’d just fix something for myself.  Pizza got to our house and it smelled pretty good.  However, I didn’t touch a single little morsel of even the tiniest bit of it.  And I wasn’t even said about it.  I actually enjoyed my dinner: tuna salad on a big hunk of lettuce, black eyed peas, and Simply Lays chips.  What felt even better was after dinner…knowing that I had managed to practice self control and stay away from the pizza.  That’s something I’ve really been striving for.

Also – not sure at all if anyone sees this blog – but I also have a weight loss Instagram account.  I’d love to have you follow me on there and I’m always looking to follow new Weight Watchers or healthy living accounts.  My screen name there is ww_mcloserpants 🙂

testing testing…is this thing on?

22 Jun 2015 In: General

I’m not sure if my blog reaches any kind of audience or if I’m just alone in my corner of the world talking to myself. ha!

At any rate, still trucking along.  The one thing I don’t like about weight watchers?  Measuring every  little thing!  But it is eye opening to see what I should be eating as opposed to what I would normally eat.  But my energy is still up. And each day in, the more motivated it makes me to keep it up.

weigh in: -1.6 lbs.

19 Jun 2015 In: General, Weigh-Ins


Not going to lie, I’m trying to not be disappointed.  I thought that with my special purpose being here during last weeks weigh-in (so I thought that maybe I lost more than what thee scale said) on top of the cut back on carbs and all the motion I found myself in this week that I would have at least been able to mark down a 2.5 lb loss.

But then I try to remind myself that I didn’t measure a single ounce of anything that went in my mouth (low carb or not, portion sizes are important).  So that’s why it’s so important for me to not only cut the carbs, but also be painfully aware of how much other food goes in my mouth.

This morning I re-set my mini goals for my weight loss (there’s no way I’m losing 7 pounds in 2 weeks! hahahaha!!!! I also set up my weight watchers app, measured out my breakfast (and logged it in my app), and I am now sitting down to meal plan and make my grocery list.

Here’s hoping for better results next week!

Tomorrow is it

18 Jun 2015 In: General, Goals

well, actually…in about 9 hours – it will be weigh-in day.

I’m reflecting on the last 2 weeks of trying to watch my carb intake. I’ve felt so much better and have so much more energy. But now it’s time to step it up a notch. I am still going to continue to watch my carb intake (and by carb intake I mean breads, rice, cakes, brownies, sugar, etc), but I am also going to start loosely following along with Weight Watchers again to start reeling in my portions. I have made some really great choices when it comes to meals – and now I want to make even better choices by watching how MUCH of these things I’m eating.

Goals for tomorrow:
**set up my weight watchers app
**meal plan for the week ahead (I’m needing to make sure that I stay creative with meals so that I don’t fall into the pit of “I’m out of ideas so let’s order pizza”)
**grocery shopping. Ugh. Most of the time I enjoy it, but the budget that we’re currently on makes it a little stressful

Goals for the week:
**measure measure measure everything I eat. This is always the hardest habit for me to get into when I’m on weight watchers.
**water, water, and more water.

I shall see you in……8.5 hours for weigh-in

sweat so good

16 Jun 2015 In: General

We have had a TON of rain over the past few weeks. And the days that it was somewhat dry it was hot and humid outside. This has made mowing our yard nearly impossible. Our backyard was well past getting a citation from the county (and I’m shocked we hadn’t yet). But, with the threat of tropical storm Bill…I knew it had to be done. Dry yard or not.

So, I waited until my youngest was asleep, told my husband to keep an ear out for him, turned on the playlist, and started in on it.

Side note here, my playlist is 90% New Kids On the Block old school. I probably looked like a full on moron, but when Jordan Knight is telling you he believes in you in your ear…you jam! 😉

I had been mowing for about 5-10 minutes when I felt sweat actually dripping off my eyebrow. This feeling seriously put a big old pep in my step. You see, usually I don’t sweat a whole lot. AKA, I don’t get a lot of exercise. So it felt so amazing to finally feel my body responding to being in motion! I was able to mow for about 45 minutes before I needed a break. I was having to go over a strip of the yard with the mower up on its two back wheels, then I’d go over the same strip with all 4 wheels down. It took me two more 45 minute intervals to get the yard finished. And each time I would feel that amazing feeling of sweat rolling down my brow, off my forehead, down my neck. I still feel great from that “workout” tonight. I have this app on my phone that keeps track of my steps (when I have it on me). I average around 2500 steps a day. Today? 8700! That’s my second largest steps range I’ve gotten. Second to the NKOTB concert where I logged nearly 10,000 (dancing, dancing!).

Dinner tonight was a lightly breaded, baked tilapia filet and steamed broccoli.

Feeling positive about this weeks weigh-in!


15 Jun 2015 In: General, Life, Menu

Well. My kids left today to go with their sperm donor for the week. I made bad food choices. But not bad in that I messed up on my eating plan; just bad in that it wasn’t really satisfying. I love Reuben sandwiches. I bought a can of corned beef, can of sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing. I had swiss cheese here at home. I was going to make a naked Reuben. I questioned the corned beef from the moment I opened it. But I pressed on. I cooked it in the skillet with my sauerkraut, and at the end put the slices of swiss cheese on so they could melt. It LOOKED pretty amazing. I set aside a small bowl of the thousand island dressing to dip it in. First bite. GOOD LORD NO!!!!!!!!! Into the trash it went. I ended up eating turkey sausage with pizza sauce and melted cheese. I also had a piece of raisin bread with peanut butter on it. It wasn’t really hugely satisfying – but it was much better than that corned beef concoction.

Breakfast was my usual raisin bran crunch. Dinner was a burger (stuffed with low fat bleu cheese and no bun!!!) Those meals were pretty okay.

I’m trying to look on pinterest for new ideas for carb free or carb light meal and snack ideas. I don’t want to get into a rut and start eating the old crap again.

I’m still feeling more energy lately; even on my special purpose. So that has been a great payoff of this new eating lifestyle.

I still don’t ‘have a name for my eating lifestyle. It’s not really carb free, it’s not really Weight Watchers. I just call it smarter eating.

test coming right up

14 Jun 2015 In: Life

It’s no secret (to those who know me) my feelings about my ex-husband. Well…wait…I should say that the only feelings I have regarding my ex is the way that he treats my kids. I would say “our kids” but he has yet to be any kind of dad to them. To me, he simply is just a sperm donor. But unfortunately the state that we live in could give two flying flips about the mental or emotional (and occasional physical) abuse that he subjects them to….so even though I have sole custody of my kids, he still gets visitation. Because he’s been too busy touring the country with his newest gal pal (who is fresh out of her own marriage….hysterical!) he FORGOT that he has the kids next week for 6 days. FORGOT!!!! They leave tomorrow to go with him. It’s one of the hardest times of the years for me (and for them). Them being gone next week along with my now-husband being so ill…all I’ll want to do is stress eat. I dare say that this coming week will be the ultimate test in this new eating lifestyle that I’ve adopted.

Weigh in day **drumroll**

12 Jun 2015 In: Weigh-Ins

Exactly 1 pound weight loss.

BUT I’m actually feeling pretty good about this!

A) My special purpose is in full effect right now, and any loss during that time is a good thing!
B) This is the lowest my scale has been since February
C) Any loss is still a loss and working towards thee end goal
D) Health-wise I’m feeling better

So now I press on through this week. One goal for this week is to make sure I’m upping my water game. Although water has been my main drink for the week (had one cup of coffee and 2 cups of milk otherwise), I know I’m not drinking enough of it.

my journey down the weight loss highway….