I worked out for an hour and a half yesterday. 30 minutes of cardio followed by strength training with my new trainer! And owwwww!!! My muscles hurt more than they have in a long long time. Whenever I walk down the stairs, my legs feel like jelly. So yeah, it has been an interesting day […]

Thank God for Early Dinner.

I shouldn’t have lost between yesterday and today. I just shouldn’t have. I ate my normal breakfast and lunch. However, when my co-worker let me know there were pre-packaged lunches left over from the meeting in the conference room, I grabbed one. Blacked chicken sandwich, pasta salad, banana and *gulp* brownie. I ate it all […]

Ode to the Unfulfilled Goal

It’s Monday morning and I have to account for what happened during the weekend. That goal I mentioned in Friday’s post? The one about me eating healthier on the weekends? Yeah, didn’t happen. Saturday wasn’t too bad (it was) as I weighed 221 pounds yesterday morning. But yesterday afternoon and evening? Well, between the awesome […]