Breaking up is hard to do…

Posted lodyangel on June 12th, 2010 | Filed under General

I haven’t been on here for the last few months and you guys have missed a lot. My baby graduated from high school, and on the same day Josh and I broke up. It’s been coming for awhile. Honestly, we should have broken up after he cheated on me the last time.  But in an effort to keep my family together I took him back and well…it was a mistake. The break up was mutual, though if he had been willing to get help I would have allowed him to stay.  He wouldn’t and so I let him leave.  Last weekend was awful with the graduation, and the parties so much happiness and sadness rolled into one, big, ball.  I cried and cried and have since them some, but things are better now that he is gone.  It turns out he was in fact cheating on me again, which is why he wanted to leave in the first place.  There has been a burden lifted off my shoulders because now I am not responsible for what he does, and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. While there is a part of me that will always love him, I am glad he’s gone so I can get on with the rest of it. The kids took it hard, but are adjusting well and are preferring home without Dad to home with Dad. He was anal about their chores and would often make them re-do chores because he thought they weren’t good enough. It was a huge issue with us, we fought a lot about it.   He also has an alcohol addiction and that caused major problems with us. However, We are done for good. There is no going back this time. I want him outta my life.

I am so ready to  move on with the rest of my life.  The kids and I are taking a mini vacation to Virginia Beach on Wednesday.  I have never seen the ocean and time away-even for a few days- will be good for me. It is my first vacation with the kids by myself and I feel so grown up taking it. Virginia Beach is at least  6 hours away, and  I am taking the 3 youngest kids by myself. I don’t have a lot of money, so we are taking all our food with us and staying in a cheap hotel, that is hopefully clean.  🙂  I am hoping to do it for a few hundred dollars gas and all.   We will see how we do.

I have lost 11 pounds due to the break up and my size 18 capris are falling off me!  🙂  More tomorrow!!

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  1. brseay Says:

    Even when your head knows a breakup is the right thing your heart still needs to mourn. Here’s hoping that you and your kids work through the process together and have a fantastic time on your trip 🙂

  2. round Says:

    Brandie gives great advice about giving yourself time to mourn, and then heal.

    It sounds like this was the right time for you – I know you’ve struggled with this relationship in the past, and I know you now know you really tried everything & gave him every chance.

    My parents are divorced and it was never a trauma for me – I remember them fighting all the time & when my dad moved out my house was just much calmer. Now as an adult I know both of my parents & I still don’t get how they ever thought they could live together & raise a family together – they are so different & neither is any good at compromise. I love them both, have great relationships with them both, and am proud that they both suck it up & make nice when there are big family events so there is no more drama. I bet your kids will say something similar

    A vacation sounds like the perfect thing for you & your kids right now

    big hugs

  3. anngirl Says:

    Wow Mel – a lot happens in a short time and as with me – for the better 🙂

    I know what it’s like to be in a hopeless relationship and although I will always love my ex – it was the best thing that I could do for myself. Girl, be strong as you always are and through the heartache – you will discover the amazing beauty and joy that is YOU. It’s gonna have bumps in the road, but sister – you’ve are more than able to get around them and keep keeping on.

    Great things are in store for you Mel. You’ve just got to clear out the clutter and keep your eyes on the prize. Much love to you darlin – I hope your mini vacation was sweet.

    Let me know if you need anything xx00x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

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