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The final countdown!

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

I can’t believe the day is almost here! My final week in Phase 1! It’s been sooooo long since I last updated, but here are the latest stats. This should be my last week, then I have 2 weeks on Phase 2, then 2 weeks on Phase 3, then…..Drum roll please….maintenance! I am in dream territory, moved from a tight 16 to a size 2!

I went to The Limited yesterday and was a size 2/XS there, not just at Old Navy.  I always see ON as vanity sizers, so took it with a grain of salt, but having it ‘confirmed’ at another store was very cathartic! I have been clearance rack shopping like crazy! But I really do need it, I have absolutely none of my old clothes I fit into anymore. Poor me…lol.

WI# 1: -9lb, -1.19%;
WI# 2: -6lb, -1.01%;
WI# 3: travel for WI;
WI# 4: -6lb, -0.95%;
WI# 5: -5lb, -0.79%;
WI# 6: -3lb, -0.57%;
WI# 7: -3lb, -0.55%;
WI# 8: -3lb, -0.60%;
WI# 9: -4lb, -0.69%;
WI#10:-2lb, -0.50%;
WI#11: -4lb, -0.76%;
WI#12: travel for WI;
WI#13: -5lb, -0.76%;
WI#14: -2lb, -0.48%;
WI#15: -.4lb, -0.09%;
WI#16: -4lb, -0.98%;
WI#17: -2lb, -3.70%
WI#18: -2lb, -0.87%
WI#19: -3lb, -0.53%
WI#20: travel for WI
WI#21: -3lb, -1.40%

My pantry list…no veggies spoil at my house…

Friday, July 6th, 2012

This is what my pantry and fridge look like…I pretty much buy a huge ton of veggies – my cart is filled with each of these veggies every Saturday.  And I buy the frozen bags of rhubarb, saves me crisper space!

Ginger Root, Cilantro, Garlic
Bell peppers
Green onions

Chicken breast
Ground turkey
Turkey tenderloin
Beef fajitas
Pork loin
Egg whites
Canned seafood (tuna, salmon, etc for meat emergencies)

Miracle Noodles Fettuccine & Rice
Stevia packets/Sweet Leaf Drops
WF Pancake Syrup
WF Fruit Spread (strawberry for rhubarb, apricot for stir fry)
WF Sesame ginger dressing
WF Spicy BBQ Sauce
WF Caramel sauce
Licorice, fennel, & peppermint tea

EVOO & Grapeseed oil
Apple cider vinegar
Salt & pepper
Soy sauce, Tabasco
Baking powder
Cream of tartar
Apple pie spice, Pumpkin pie spice, Cinnamon
Lemon pepper, Fajita seasoning, French fry seasoning

These are a few of my favorite things…

Friday, July 6th, 2012

So, I made a pretty extensive list of my favorite veggies & related recipes on the 3FC forum I thought I would record here ‘for posterity’.

These recipe links are AWESOME for any IPer or Veggie Lover:

Zucchini – I make them 3 ways, all in sweet type dishes. 1. Shredded in my crispy cereal unrestricted pancakes,
2. baked apple chips
3. mock baked apples <-my favorite, can turn #3 into an apple crumble w/crispy cereal or oatmeal
Cauliflower – 1. I roast w/celery & garlic, purée, and add to soups,
2. I grate and make ‘fried rice’,
3. just roasted with spices like popcorn
Rutabaga – rutabaga fries, hands down delicious, prefer them over turnips personally
Kale – Kale chips, when you crave that salty, crunchy texture, I think that’s my fave too…
Spinach – I have this every weekday morning in my cafe mocha spinach smoothie <-hold on, that’s my fave
Lettuce – ive been adding in a heart of romaine w/my spinach smoothie for more bulk, don’t really eat salads anymore
Asparagus & Mushrooms – who doesn’t love them grilled or cooked with just about anything
Green onions – I spray with evoo, sprinkle w/fajita seasoning and grill them….sooooo good
Rhubarb – 1. I nuke it for 5 minutes w/WF strawberry spread & eat it as is, 2. Make rhubarb upside down cake with crispy cereal <-wait, thats my fave,
3. add it to raspberry jelly
Poblano, bell pepper, jalapeño – I roast & purée with garlic for a spicy soup thickener, also stuffed peppers are good w/ground turkey
Celery – Braised celery, great recipe I found & posted using an egg white makes a creamy sauce I’ve been missing.
Cucumber – I julienne w/my mandoline to make ‘noodles’ I use with my miracle noodle Asian stirfry (wf sesame ginger, wd peanut spread, soy, fresh ginger, sriracha, cilantro), can do zucchini noodles too

Any combination of veggies can be roasted & pureed with some garlic, spices, & chicken broth to create a soup or sauce by itself or thickener for IP soups.

I am going to try and venture out with cabbage and jicama next.  Honestly – I have been loving all the new veggies and wonder why I haven’t been eating like this my whole life!

Feeling a little sluggish…Week 14+

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Well – it is Tuesday, June 12…a few days before my official WI#15 – but the past 10 days have felt ‘sluggish’.  I weigh myself at home most mornings to keep track, and all of my ‘whooshes’ have kept pace with my official weigh in I do with my coach.  That being said, my last ‘whoosh’ was -2lb…10 days ago, Saturday June 2, and it was verified by my coach’s scale.  This is the longest I’ve gone as far as weight loss tracking, I’m not too alarmed, as it seems most folks go through this, and the past 14 weeks have been amazing as far as my weight loss.

For those not ‘in the know’ – the ‘whoosh’ I am referring to is the sudden, immediate, overnight drop in weight you have after days of no losses.  You would expect to lose a little every day – but it’s like your body just tries to hold on and then just decides to release it all at once.  Crazy how the human body works!

I do think I’ve become a little lazy as far as weighing and measuring my meat and veggies and I’m trying to be more aware of that – but perhaps I should be as strict as I was at the beginning and start whipping out my scale & measuring cups again.  Hmmm…interesting concept.  I’ve also had to cut back on my walking – I used to take my son on a 2.7mi loop around to the park outside, but now we go to the mall play area as it’s too hot and I cut down to 1mi this past week, but am upping it to 2mi now (this is an approximate length, as I just time my walk).

WI# 1: -9lb, -3.250″, -1.19%
WI# 2: -6lb, -3.000″, -1.01%;
WI# 3: on travel 9 / 14 days;
WI# 4: -6lb, -4.500″, -0.95%;
WI# 5: -5lb, -3.625″, -0.79%
WI# 6: -3lb, -2.375″, -0.57%
WI# 7: -3lb, -1.750″, -0.55%
WI# 8: -3lb, -2.000″, -0.60%
WI# 9: -4lb, -3.375″, -0.69%
WI#10:-2lb, -1.250″, -0.50%
WI#11: -4lb, -1.125″, -0.76%
WI#12: on travel for WI#12
WI#13: -5lb, -2.500″, -0.76%
WI#14: -2lb, -1.250″, -0.48%

It’s been so long since we’ve talked…

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Well – I had my 10th Weigh In and am down a total of 41lb!  My weekly stats for pounds, inches, and body fat loss are below.  Don’t have much time to catch up – but I really need to keep up on this – since I seem to spill my thoughts on the 3FC forum and sometimes have more I’d like to share.  This seems as good a place as any to let loose!

WI# 1: -9lb, -3.250″, -1.19%
WI# 2: -6lb, -3.000″, -1.01%
WI# 3: travel 9/14 days (tom)
WI# 4: -6lb, -4.500″, -0.95%
WI# 5: -5lb, -3.625″, -0.79%
WI# 6: -3lb, -2.375″, -0.57%
WI# 7: -3lb, -1.750″, -0.55% (tom)
WI# 8: -3lb, -2.000″, -0.60%
WI# 9: -4lb, -3.375″, -0.69%
WI#10:-2lb, -1.250″, -0.50%

The IP Road Warrior.

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Week 2 Down!  I had my second weigh in on Tuesday and lost another 6.2lb!  Combined with my first weigh in last week, which I forgot to report on (8.8lb) – I am now down a total of 15lb since starting IP!  The loss also put me officially in onederland at a cool 199.  I didn’t tally the inches lost, but will remember to do that next time.  Which reminds minds me….

I’m a little nervous, the family is traveling to Tucson this weekend/week – we have a wedding weekend Fri-Sun, then I’ll stay until Wed alone for work.  I’m planning on bringing my IP food, and will have a mini-fridge, but with all the get togethers, events, & work lunches this is going to be my first real challenge!  Not to mention I’ll be skipping a week of weigh in!  I’ll be holding my breath for 2 weeks – and the scale at home is broken/unreliable so I will truly be in for a big surprise then!

Hello world!

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

i just started the Ideal Protein diet on Tuesday Feb 28 2012.  This is my first blog, and actually my first (and hopefully last) diet.  I’ve always had about 20 lb I could lose – never really a ‘skinny minny’ but always able to maintain a steady weight throughout the years, but after the birth of my first child I just could not seem to hold it down.  I am now at the weight I was when I delivered him!  My first weigh in is tomorrow (Tue, March 6, 2012) and I am excited to post my results!