These are a few of my favorite things…

So, I made a pretty extensive list of my favorite veggies & related recipes on the 3FC forum I thought I would record here ‘for posterity’.

These recipe links are AWESOME for any IPer or Veggie Lover:

Zucchini – I make them 3 ways, all in sweet type dishes. 1. Shredded in my crispy cereal unrestricted pancakes,
2. baked apple chips
3. mock baked apples <-my favorite, can turn #3 into an apple crumble w/crispy cereal or oatmeal
Cauliflower – 1. I roast w/celery & garlic, purée, and add to soups,
2. I grate and make ‘fried rice’,
3. just roasted with spices like popcorn
Rutabaga – rutabaga fries, hands down delicious, prefer them over turnips personally
Kale – Kale chips, when you crave that salty, crunchy texture, I think that’s my fave too…
Spinach – I have this every weekday morning in my cafe mocha spinach smoothie <-hold on, that’s my fave
Lettuce – ive been adding in a heart of romaine w/my spinach smoothie for more bulk, don’t really eat salads anymore
Asparagus & Mushrooms – who doesn’t love them grilled or cooked with just about anything
Green onions – I spray with evoo, sprinkle w/fajita seasoning and grill them….sooooo good
Rhubarb – 1. I nuke it for 5 minutes w/WF strawberry spread & eat it as is, 2. Make rhubarb upside down cake with crispy cereal <-wait, thats my fave,
3. add it to raspberry jelly
Poblano, bell pepper, jalapeño – I roast & purée with garlic for a spicy soup thickener, also stuffed peppers are good w/ground turkey
Celery – Braised celery, great recipe I found & posted using an egg white makes a creamy sauce I’ve been missing.
Cucumber – I julienne w/my mandoline to make ‘noodles’ I use with my miracle noodle Asian stirfry (wf sesame ginger, wd peanut spread, soy, fresh ginger, sriracha, cilantro), can do zucchini noodles too

Any combination of veggies can be roasted & pureed with some garlic, spices, & chicken broth to create a soup or sauce by itself or thickener for IP soups.

I am going to try and venture out with cabbage and jicama next.  Honestly – I have been loving all the new veggies and wonder why I haven’t been eating like this my whole life!

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