4/27/09 Back to Monday again

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Poor Monday…I almost feel sorry for it lol. This weekend went by waaay too fast. Mostly just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff going on…Saturday I did scrapbooking with a friend and didn’t get home till late. Yesterday was spent running errands with the 3 kids in tow while DH went golfing all day with a friend. Yeah, THAT was fun. Then before I knew it, here it is Monday again.

Today will consist of doing more laundry, running a couple errands, making some phone calls and then a Pampered Chef quarters auction this evening that I am attending with my MIL. Wish me luck that I win something. Need to call DH’s doctor this morning…they put him on a new med a couple of months ago, and lately I have noticed him talking in his sleep and last night scared the crap out of me. Usually it’s something funny or benign, like the time last week he kept going on and on about frogs. Or the time that he kept waking me up by patting me on the head. But last night whatever he was dreaming about must not have been good because I had just gotten up to put DD back in her bed after she’d fallen back asleep, and all of a sudden he yells “You better shut the F*** up!” I jumped about a mile and looked over at him and he was still snoozing away. I seriously debated whether or not I should sleep on the couch. We’ve been together for 15 years and I’ve never heard him do this till recently.

Think I will go ahead and finish posting, get dressed and go for a walk before the rain moves in. It is 9:00 and I am sitting here still on the couch lol. Have a great day chicks!


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