3/30/09 Rough week…

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I haven’t been on here in over a week…last week was just a very rough week.  Found out last Tuesday I think it was, that the son of a casual friend of mine had passed away unexpectedly.  He did have some other serious health problem, but he had been doing very well..I’m not sure what happened exactly, all I know is that his mom found him in the morning and he had passed away sometime overnight.  He was almost the same age as Rhianna, and to make the situation even worse, I believe she had also lost a baby not even 6 months ago.  So I was reeling from that, when I found out later that week that a classmate of my oldest sons had been killed in a freak accident.  She and her little brother had been playing on some private property near their home when this concrete culvert they were playing on collapsed.  The girl was killed almost instantly and the brother was airlifted to a local children’s hospital.  He was release on Saturday.  It has hit our community hard..so many of us had kids that went to school with these children, or their siblings (their younger sister is in Nick’s grade).  I grew up not even 2 blocks away from where this happened.  It is just devastating and I cannot even begin to imagine what these families are going through.  And it was so hard to tell my kids what happened, even though they seemed to take it well.  Caden, my oldest, had a lot of questions, and I’m not sure how he will be when he gets to school this morning.   *sigh* 

I’m not sure this week is starting off so well either, as one of my dogs got loose again yesterday afternoon, and when she finally came home last night she reeked of skunk!  So I am off to get the littlest dressed and then we are going to go buy some stuff to hopefully de-stink the skunk.  I couldn’t sleep last night the smell was so bad…I think she got sprayed very near our house because when we started smelling it it was so strong and it happened so fast.  She’s been stuck outside all night and it still stinks in here!

Wish me luck that this week gets better!

3/23/09 Self-sabotage

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This weekend was not so good.  Well the weekend itself wasn’t bad, as in nothing bad happened, more that my eating, drinking (of soda in my case) and non-exercise was bad.  Friday night I made a homemade pizza…I had a crust recipe I wanted to try and it worked great!  I will be using that from now on instead of buying any type of pizza.  It seriously took me as long to make the crust as it took to preheat the oven!  However, DH “decorated” it, so it was topped by lots of sausage, pepperoni, and cheese.    I think next time I am going to try a BBQ chicken or a Greek salad with feta, spinach, tomatoes, and maybe some olives.  Saturday we had some sort of meatball/rice concoction that DH created..which would have been fine, but the store was out of the turkey meatballs I normally use so I had bought regular ones which are way higher in everything.  And yesterday we had Jack in the Box for dinner and I didn’t even try to make a healthy choice. 🙁  I am seriously also now suffering from a caffeine overload.  I drank so much soda this weekend that it isn’t even funny and now my stomach is all upset.  I was so tired all weekend so I’m sure this contributed to my caffeine kick and also my not so great food choices.  And of course I’m sure that not drinking enough water is just compounding the problem.

I am still trying to figure out why every time I start to do well, I have to do something to sabotage myself, and screw it all up, so that I have to start back where I was or even farther away.  At this rate I am going to weigh more at the end of the year than I started and it is depressing me.  I don’t know why I can’t just stick with it, even just simple things I can’t seem to keep doing.  I keep trying, I don’t know what else I can do but keep getting up and starting over.  

3/18/09 Happy Hump Day!

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Yesterday was interesting…Monday youngest DS came home off the bus with a fever, sore throat, etc.  Kept him home yesterday even though he said he was feeling better..it was probably good as his temp did spike up to 101 a couple of times for a short period but I never had to give him anything.  I felt bad that he had to miss all the St. Patrick’s day fun at school but today he has a field trip to the Science Center and I didn’t want him to miss it.  No fever today but he did have a nasty sounding cough off and on and again this morning so I did give him something before school.  If he comes home again with a fever it is off to the drs because the last time he did this (a few weeks ago), it went off and on for a week before I did and it wound up being strep!  So yesterday I rented a couple of movies, printed out some St. Pat’s day coloring pages, and made green food for him to eat..he was pretty content.

Sleep was not so great last night…DD did not take her nap yesterday so when she started getting tired it was around 4 p.m. and I had to do all sorts of things to keep her from falling asleep.  Then at 7:30 when it was time for her to go to bed, she wound up being all hyper from her second wind.  And then she slept like crap the entire night, like she just couldn’t get comfortable.  Of course she couldn’t..she was in my bed and was trying to hog the entire thing.  WIsh I could get her to sleep all night in her bed.  Food wasn’t horrible, although I’m sure it could be better.  Does standing on your feet and chasing an almost 2 year old around the house count as exercise?  My feet still hurt..

Ok, so..not much to report..need to do some major damage control on the house today and I am on a mission to find lost socks!  The fun fun life of a SAHM!  Crud, kid is trying to turn herself into a leprechaun again..guess she doesn’t realize St. Patrick’s Day is only one day a year!  Have a great Wednesday everyone!

3/16/09 Great weekend!

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Spent too much money and ate too much but I feel so much better than the funk I was in last week.  Friday night I went to ScrapMania with a friend at our local Archivers scrapbooking store. Got more pages done than I had planned on, picked up some supplies I needed, and ate pizza and ice cream.  I didn’t over do it that day though lol..I was BUSY!  Came home, didn’t get to sleep til 1:30, and then DD came climbing into my bed about 5:30, so I was basically up from then on.  Saturday DH and FIL worked on the girly’s room, I ran some errands to Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart (picked up some LeapFrog Tag books for $3.00 each!), and then we had McD’s for dinner.  That wasn’t good 🙁  But I am not beating myself up, just moving on!

 Sunday was AWESOME!  We went out for lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack and I had their classic steampot, with shrimp, crab legs *drool*, 2 red potatoes, a mini corn on the cob and a piece of smoked sausage.   THen we met up with friends and their little boy who is 6 months older than Rhianna and went to Monkey Joe’s, which is this huge indoor bounce house place.  Ladies, I was so proud…my daughter was FEARLESS!  She played in the 3 and under area for about half an hour but then curiousity got the best of her and she wanted to play with the big kids.  She started out with all of our kids in one of the “big kid” jumps, but next to it they had this huge giant slide thing.  It went up to the ceiling.  In the middle was like this ladder/ramp thing that they had to climb up and then on each side of that was the slide coming down.  Luckily I was with one of the other kids when DH decided to let her play on it, so when I saw her she was already 3/4 of the way up and there was nothing I could do.  But he said he asked the lady who was supervising the kids and she said if she could climb up to the top she coule play on it, and SHE DID!  Later that same lady was asking me how old she was and when I told her she wasn’t even 2 she was very shocked that she could climb that well and that FAST!  She played for 2 hours, then we stopped at the mall to pick up a couple of pairs of jeans for oldest DS, and she had a meltdown and passed out pretty much the second I picked her up.  SHe slept until 8 last night and then was up for a few hours before crashing again.  Umm..we are going back this morning lol!  A day of fun was what we all needed, even my younger DS was in a much better mood and even dressed in time for the bus!

So, today is bounce house with my MOMS Club, then home for a nap hopefully…then I need to start making dinner and hopefully I can go grocery shopping when DH gets home before he has to leave to go bowling with a friend!  I need to finish getting dressed and get the girl dressed so I am going to hurry up and publish this, will be back later to comment.

Busy day busy day…but woohoo it’s Friday!!!

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This week has been one of the longest weeks in my entire life, I swear to you!  I am so glad it is finally Friday, and payday to boot.  Lots to do today as usual.. need to give DD a bath this morning to try and get the glue out of her hair (thanks to big brother #2), pick up the living room, laundry, shopping trips to Target, Walgreens, and maybe Walmart.  Oh, and I’m doing a scrapmania thing tonight with a friend so I NEED to get the kidlet to take a nap this afternoon so I can make sure I have everything I need (esp. pictures!).    Maybe I will get lunch out somewhere, and then drive around till she falls asleep.  Yep that is the ticket.  There is a new Asian place here in town that I’d like to try out..they have lettuce wraps!  YUMMY!!!  

Am off to get stuff done before my energy goes kaputzki on me!  Will come back later to comment!  Have an AWESOME Friday chickies!!!

Searching for a way to cook…

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salmon.. Anyone got a recipe that does NOT include grilling?  I bought several salmon steaks (or whatever they are called) when they were on sale at the grocery store but I am not sure how to prepare them as I have never cooked fish before that didn’t come out of a box with instructions!

3/12/09 Made it to another day

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Well…yesterday was…hellish, I guess is the best word.  The day never really got any better.  I was just tired and crabby and everything was getting on my last nerve.  Kids came home and it was not even 5 minutes after they walk in the door that one is mouthing off, and the other is whining.  I felt like I was being suffocated and couldn’t breathe!  I sent one kid to their room, the other to do homework (more whining ensued).  DH finally came home, I fixed dinner and then ran out of the house to preserve what little was left of my sanity.  Came home, got jumped on by the littlest for a while and then went to bed.  

I am feeling somewhat better today.  Not as crabby, although this morning was a bit hairy again.  I did wind up yelling at DH to get his @ss out of bed and help me get the kids ready on time.  One of my sons (the middle child) is SO slow at doing anything, so it takes him about an hour to get ready in the mornings, along with threats of no breakfast (they don’t eat till they are dressed!) and walking to school (not close).  So, DH had to stand there and make DS get dressed.  I’m sorry but hubby is 34 years old..I am not his mommy so I a)shouldn’t have to wake him up every morning and b) there is NO reason why he can’t help get them off to school in the morning if he is still here.  I have enough getting lunches made, breakfast made, making sure they have everything etc.  On that note, I am going to have to make the effort to make them have everything ready for school and ready to go the night before..would it be wrong of me to make my youngest DS wear his clothes for the next day to bed???  I’m also thinking that I am going to make up bags of mini-muffins or other breakfast foods they can eat on their way/waiting at the bus stop.  Not that I usually make a full meal or anything like that but something handheld that I can just have ready to hand out.  And lunches will have to be made in the evening.  I just can’t handle the madness that ensuesgetting them ready in the morning. Now, if I could find a way to calm the chaos when they get home..all would be well.  Any tips are appreciated!

Trying to convince DH that we should take the kids out for something fun this weekend.  It has been too long since we’ve done a family outing of any kind, and maybe it will help with this funk they are in.  I feel like all we do is spend all our time telling them to do this or that or stop fighting or..blah blah blah.  

Ok, it is 10:15 here and I am still sitting around in my jammies ;p  I guess I should get off my lazy butt and get something done.  Goal for today is to plan my menu (and grocery list) for the next week (or two?).  I want to try a new recipe or two and make healthier meal choices for my family.   Also going to continue the water thing.  DH gets paid tomorrow, woohoo!

3/11/09 It’s only 9:30???

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I feel like I have been up for hours already.  I’m sure it’s because DD didn’t sleep well and kept climbing back in my bed and then tossing and turning.  Lost my cool with the boys..they missed the bus (my fault) and then the oldest was being mouthy, youngest was being pokey, DD didn’t want to get dressed, etc etc.  Oldest son forgot his library book at home so I have to take it to him later.  DH didn’t even leave until 5 minutes before we did, so he could have been nice and taken the boys to school for me, but apparently that 5 minute drive to the school is sooooo out of his way.   I don’t know why things have to be so chaotic in this house!  Ugh, I am SOOOOOOO CRABBY this morning that I don’t even like myself!

Today I AM going to get the living room and bathroom cleaned..I was gone so much yesterday that nothing got done.  So today is hopefully filled with damage control.  Goal for today is again to get in my 8 glasses of water.  I have also added a page here on my blog to keep track of my stats like weight, measurements etc, that I plan to update on the 1st of every month.  So I need to get those numbers plugged in this morning.  


3/10/09 Off to the peds office this morning

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I am not sure if it is anything to be worried about or not, so I could just be blowing $25 at the pediatrician’s office but I would rather be safe than sorry. Yesterday before Caden went to bed he complained of a bug bite on his chin. I thought that was all it was, so I sent him to bed, but then he woke up this morning and it looks awful. About the size of a quarter, scabby and red around the edges. So, I called the dr. this morning to have it looked at just to make sure it isn’t a spider bite. We do have black widows and more specifically, brown recluse spiders in the area. I have never seen one of their bites, so I don’t know if it is that or not, and all the pictures I seem to be finding on the web are of severe bites (ewww). He did have cavities filled yesterday in that area so I am wondering if it is related to that somehow..like maybe he was rubbing that area in his sleep or something.

Yesterday was atrocious food wise..I am not sure what my problem was but I could not stop eating. And then I went to my Relay for Life meeting and was surrounded by all these skinny moms…bleh. But still, it is for a good cause, and having had several family members diagnosed (or die) because of one form or another, it is one I truly believe in. Last year our team raise $7000 and this year we are shooting for $7500. I raised my goal from $100 to $150..I hope I can make it! I am horrible about asking people for things so this is a real stretch for me.

Today after I get home from the ped’s office (appt is at 10:30) I am going to clean the living room and work on the kids room. If it is a spider bite I want to make sure they are taken care of!

I have also decided that every day I am going to set a goal for the day re: healthy living. Today my goal is to get my 8 glasses of water in. I can’t even remember the last time I drank water, and as dry as my skin is I am sure that is why! So, I am off to get the youngest dressed, if I can keep clothes on her this morning, and start my day 🙂 Have a great day my fellow chickies!


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