7/7/09 I am still kicking! ;o)

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I have officially survived one month of summer vacation! For the most part it hasn’t been too bad but I think the kids are starting to get bored. I have been dealing with the allergies from HELL so haven’t felt like doing a whole lot recently 🙁 I sneeze and itch when I’m in the house and going out of the house just makes it even worse. I never used to have problems this bad, and nothing is working, so I have to go see my dr. on Friday.

Hmm..not a whole lot of interesting news to report..I did join a produce co-op recently and I got my first shipment last week. For $23 I got the following:

1 bunch of celery
2 bunches broccoli
8 bananas
1 head romaine lettuce
1 pineapple
12 granny smith apples (kid-size)
3 large white onions
1 bag grapes (large, maybe about 2-3 lbs?)
1 cantelope (small)
8 ears corn
1 pint blueberries
1 lb strawberries
5 tomatoes
8 oz mushrooms
4 bunches green onioins
2 lb carrots

Most of it is already gone, and unfortunately I think the next pickup isn’t until next week sometime. I was hoping to not have to buy anything from the store but I guess that is not going to happen lol. All I have left at the moment are a couple tomatoes, some green onions, maybe half the celery, the broccoli, carrots, and romaine lettuce…maybe a couple of apples. Oh, and the blueberries and half of the grapes that I have in the freezer.

I am also in the process of looking for a part time job..we recently found out that we need a whole new roof on the house and that is going to cost us $5000 or thereabouts. We are also looking into whether we can add on to the house…I am doubtful, because our funds are about zilch..but a couple people we have talked to said it may be possible for us to do that and keep our payments about the same because of the low rates right now. We’ll see….it would definitely be a blessing but it seems too good to be true, kwim? Oh, and the a/c is not working right either 🙁

Hoping to maybe go swimming this afternoon…need to check the pool though…I forgot to put the clorine duck back in it a couple weeks ago and it went green so now we’ve been having to mess with it to get it back to normal and I am not sure if it is there yet. I’d take them to the Y, but the afternoon session is always so packed and the last time I took all 3 of them by myself I felt like I had whiplash by the time we left, just trying to keep an eye on all of them.

How is everyone’s summer going?

6/9/09 Surviving!

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This is the first full week of summer vacation and so far things are not too bad. Much better than that first day thankfully! The boys still have their moments of whining and attitude but that is usually when I have not made them do something productive. Last weekend was an absolute blast! Friday I took the kids to the library to sign them up for the reading program. We spent an hour there and for the most part everyone was well behaved. Although Rhianna had a meltdown when it was time to leave. There is this “play area” of sorts in the children’s library where they have blocks and legos and other odds and ends. Well they also have this light table where you can play with these magnetic clear colored shapes, and Rhianna was totally enthralled with that. So when it wastime to leave she was heartbroken 🙁 And of course at 2 she doesn’t understand that we can come back lol. Saturday morning I took the boys to Home Depot for their kids’ workshop that they have the first Saturday of every month. I have never done this before but I will definitely do it again. This month it was the “hardware sorter” and they got to play with wood, glue and hammer in some nails, plus they gave the kids aprons (like you see the workers wearing), a pin (each month is a new one), and certificates. It was just really fun and they were so proud of their creations. Then we had a graduation party to go to that afternoon, so we did that, and then that night was the first Movie in the Park here in town. They had the Radio Disney dance team there from 7:00-8:30 and they played music, taught the kids a couple of dances, had some contests etc. My oldest son almost won the silly dance contest but was beaten out by a kid that pretty much copied his dance *rolls eyes* Oh well, he still had fun. THey got lots of freebies, and then I got excited because someone was walking around the park handing out handfuls of Sonic coupons and I got 11 coupons for free vanilla ice cream cones ;op These will make great treats this summer that I don’t have to pay for. THen we all sat in our lawn chairs and snacked on popcorn and kool-aid and watched Kung Fu Panda! DH stayed home with Rhianna so it was again just me and the boys and it was just really nice to have some 1 on 2 time with them where I could really focus on them. There are a couple of other towns nearby that are doing the same thing so we might check those out too..hey, you can’t beat free entertainment! That is just one of the reasons I love summer, there is just so much free stuff to do around here 🙂

Still have not gotten to go swimming, which has me a bit frustrated. For the most part the weather has been a bit cool with temps maybe hitting the low 80’s and it’s been quite rainy. Poor kids are begging to go swimming but we just haven’t gotten to yet. I am waiting on hubby to get home so I can go to my dad’s house and help him set up his “new” computer. I say “new” because he has had it since about October and is just now getting it set up. Um.. Yeah. Don’t get me started. I love my dad but he is the most computer illiterate person I know. And that in itself doesn’t bother me but then he asks for my advice on computer stuff but then never takes it. Plus he called me last night saying his cable modem isn’t working..my guess is it’s either somehow gotten unplugged or it is toast. I’m leaning towards toast because I think it is probably at least 4 or 5 years old. If not older…yeeek.

So anyways, that is about all that is up with me. I try and check in daily but with all 3 kids home it is hard for me to find time to post on a regular basis. Hope everyone is doing well!

6/4/09 Day 1 of Summer Vacation…

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did not go so well. It involved me coming thisclose to a nervous breakdown and lots of screaming and fighting between me and the kids. Hopefully this is not a sign of how this summer will be. Well…at least the house got clean.

It has been an interesting and very stressful couple of weeks. We are currently in the process of determining whether we can build onto the house, instead of just replacing the roof. This would be great for so many reasons, namely that it would solve the “not enough room” dilemma and the situation with the problem roof. However, whether we can afford it or not is still an issue. We will have to draw up a basic floorplan, and then the contractor will give us the figures, and then the fun of trying to find a way to pay for it will begin. And of course this is all dependent on if we can even afford the monthly payment. I’m pretty sure I am going to apply for a job somewhere, Borders being at the top of my list. I think if I could get a PT job that it would help on a number of fronts. I haven’t “worked” in almost 9 years, so the thought of going back into the workforce even part time is daunting, but I hate feeling so dependent on my hubby plus we could really use that extra $$$.

DH and oldest DS are going out for dessert of some sort, so it is just me and the younger 2 at home. The middle kid is in trouble because instead of helping to clean the house tonight, he got an attitude with me about it and never actually DID anything to help. It’s not fair to everyone else who worked their butts off and he just puttzed around.

Not much else to report…Hmmm…me and hubby’s 10th anniversary is tomorrow but nothing planned as we are broke as usual. And all the summer fun really doesn’t start till Saturday when the the city begins it’s monthly “Movies in the Park”. Saturday night is Kung Fu Panda, and I am hoping the weather cooperates…I see possibility of rain in the forcast, but at this rate, what else is new? I’m still waiting for the temps to be more summerlike! Would be nice if the pool was warm enough to swim in this weekend but I’m not real hopeful.

Alright, my troublemaker is refusing to go to bed even though he was sent to his room an hour ago. Guess I need to go deal with this =\ Hope everyone is doing well!

5/20/09 10 more days…

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of school left before I have all 3 kids home with me 24/7. Ladies, if you are the praying sort, pray for me that I keep my sanity until August 20-ish or whenever school starts again. Part of me is looking forward to them being here, but at the same time I am not sure if I can handle the nit-picking of fights and attitude issues 24 hours a day. I will try and stay positive…and optimistic. This is going to be the best summer ever! That will be my new mantra!

Thankfully there will be lots of things to do around the area, it is just harder when you have a toddler because right now Rhi has the attention span of a gnat and is more interested in just running around. I still get nervous taking all 3 anywhere because I’m constantly terrified that one of them is going to get separated from me. But I do have lots of fun things planned. Library programs, local touristy stuff, swimming at the pool, free movies and bowling, etc. I can do this, I can do this!

Been spending the last couple of days trying to get a bunch of crap out of my house. I can’t believe how much JUNK is here..I finally got fed up with trying to get the boys to clean their room, so the other day I basically did it for them. All the broken toys or toys with missing pieces are gone, clothing that doesn’t fit is in a bag for Goodwill or being washed and put into storage if it is something I can pass down from older ds to younger ds in the fall/winter. There isn’t much left in their room, but at least it is clean. And if they complain, they have no one to blame but themselves for not taking care of things. Next up is Rhi’s stuff..she’s got a lot of “baby toys” that she doesn’t play with anymore so those will either be pitched or donated depending on what shape they are in. And then…I have to tackle my bedroom 🙁 That in itself is going to be a major project. I hope I don’t get lost in there!

Thinking about calling in to the drs. office this morning and having them call in something for my allergies. The OTC stuff is not doing anything for me and I’m sick of dealing with this itchy stuffy/runny nose, itchy eyes and sore throat. I hate taking meds as it is but enough is enough! It is so energy draining. And it makes me feel housebound because if I step outside it just gets worse.

Welp, apparently it is time for me to go entertain the Princess of the house…or at least, try to keep her out of trouble! Have a great day ladies!

5/14/09 Still here!

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted! I’ve been having trouble getting the time to post, or more like the opportunity. Whenever I get on the computer, Rhianna thinks she needs to jump in my lap and while it’s not too bad trying to surf the net, it’s a PITA trying to type! However, she is currently being thoroughly entertained by the Happy Monster Band on tv lol. So hopefully I have a few minutes…she cracks me up..anytime music plays she just has to move! If I ever manage to remember to buy more batteries I am going to get it on video and upload it to YouTube!

Today has started off well, even dealing with the allergies that hit me like a truck yesterday afternoon. I haven’t really had a problem with allergies in years but once Rhi was born something switched and now I have them year round it seems, off and on. I am also very allergic to cats and right now I feel like someone has stuck one right in my face =\ DD slept through the night last night, one of the few times she has done so. I even had to wake her up this morning! It would have been even nicer if I could have stopped getting up every few hours last night to check on her lol. Got the boys off to school without too much drama, although the fact that I took them I think had something to do with it. One of my boys is NOT a morning person so he got an extra half hour of sleep even though I still had to wake him up. My other boy was up around 6:30 =S After that DD and I went to the grocery store, and she was SO good for a change. I’m thinking that bribing her with a banana was the trick lol. She hadn’t had breakfast yet so she was hungry, and when she saw the bananas in the store she went nuts, so I told her if she behaved she could have one after I paid for everything. That and having my list and coupons super organized made it a relatively quick trip. It was a bit crazy as the grocery store was having another $10 off of $50, and I wound up in the line where the cashier was my neighbor, so I think it may have taken me close to the same amount of time waiting as shopping when all was said and done. Still, I can’t complain..my bill before coupons was $97 something and after it was $35 🙂

Stopped at Starbucks on the way home and got myself an iced coffee..they are running some kind of deal where you can get a Grande iced coffee for $1.99 through some time in June. I rarely get Starbucks because it is so $$$ but for $1.99 I will be indulging myself more often while I can 😉

Must clean the living room today..it is covered in paper and toys and I am constantly tripping over things. If the weather holds out I will let DD play outside and I will clean out her water table for her to play in. I bought her a new swimsuit last week and I keep catching her running through the house with it on lol. I am amazed that she actually puts it on right and not backwards or something!

This weekend I am hoping to go to the zoo, but I am not sure yet if the weather will be cooperating. Saturday morning they are still calling for showers but clear by afternoon, so we’ll see. I am just ready to be outside doing fun stuff before it gets too hot and muggy (love that St. Louis weather!). Crud, Happy Monster Band is over and I’m being summoned for more cheese. I swear I should just buy a dairy cow…

Have a good day everyone and hopefully I can get back to posting more often!

4/28/09 I won, I won!

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I had a lot of fun last night at the Pampered Chef quarters auction. I even won a couple of things (Dot bowl trio and mini chopper). My MIL won the $100 gift certificate at the end 🙂 There is another one in a couple of weeks that I may go to. I mean heck, all it cost me was $10 if I bid on everything and look at what I got lol.

Today is another rainy, dreary day. I’d really rather not have to go out at all but I do have a few places to go…can’t very well do laundry with no laundry detergent and I need to go to the bank so my account doesn’t get an overdraft fee *sigh*. DD is in a mood today and will not stop getting into anything and everything she can. I can tell I’m not going to get anything done today and I am already tired from staying up with her until midnight. At least DH didn’t wake me up last night. Oldest DS has a field trip to a nature center here in town today so he was all excited. I actually got them out the door on time and without all the normal stress so that is good. I hate having to yell at them to get ready and then they leave..makes me feel bad.

Nothing much to report today and I can hear my little pixie climbing so I am going to go! Have a good day everyone!

4/27/09 Back to Monday again

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Poor Monday…I almost feel sorry for it lol. This weekend went by waaay too fast. Mostly just a bunch of miscellaneous stuff going on…Saturday I did scrapbooking with a friend and didn’t get home till late. Yesterday was spent running errands with the 3 kids in tow while DH went golfing all day with a friend. Yeah, THAT was fun. Then before I knew it, here it is Monday again.

Today will consist of doing more laundry, running a couple errands, making some phone calls and then a Pampered Chef quarters auction this evening that I am attending with my MIL. Wish me luck that I win something. Need to call DH’s doctor this morning…they put him on a new med a couple of months ago, and lately I have noticed him talking in his sleep and last night scared the crap out of me. Usually it’s something funny or benign, like the time last week he kept going on and on about frogs. Or the time that he kept waking me up by patting me on the head. But last night whatever he was dreaming about must not have been good because I had just gotten up to put DD back in her bed after she’d fallen back asleep, and all of a sudden he yells “You better shut the F*** up!” I jumped about a mile and looked over at him and he was still snoozing away. I seriously debated whether or not I should sleep on the couch. We’ve been together for 15 years and I’ve never heard him do this till recently.

Think I will go ahead and finish posting, get dressed and go for a walk before the rain moves in. It is 9:00 and I am sitting here still on the couch lol. Have a great day chicks!

4/24/09 TGIF!!!!!

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We made it! Another lovely weekend is upon us 🙂 Today is supposed to be another beautiful, sunny, 84* weather day and I am planning on staying home to enjoy it. Need to finish getting caught up on Mt. Washmore and clean a couple of rooms, and THEN I am going on another wasp hunt. I have GOT to figure out where those buggers are coming from because I can’t get my kids to play outside with them around. Both boys have been stung a couple of times over the past couple of years and now they are terrified of them. I do plan on taking DD for a walk to hopefully get her to take a nap at a decent time. The past couple of days she hasn’t crashed till 3:30 or so and then winds up being up till midnight and I just can’t have that! I am trying to get more into the habit of going for daily walks, it is sad how pathetic my stamina really is. I want to get my kids involved too, but I’m having a hard time fitting in that evening walk that I’d like to do after dinner.

This weather has only reminded me that I have a little over a month before the boys are out of school and my summer plans are not solidified yet. So I will be working on that today as well, and then I NEED to get my scrapbooking stuff together. If anything I need to make sure I have it all in one spot and ready to go. And maybe I’ll go clean out my car too while the weather is nice..It could really use it. Hmm..

Holy cow..I have just sat here reading my entry and it is amazing to me the difference in my energy and motivation levels on days like this. I feel so alive today, like this is how things are SUPPOSED to be. Maybe I really should talk to my doctor about this S.A.D. thing. Hmm..

Ok, I am off to face my adventures for the day 🙂 Have a great day chicks, and ENJOY your weekend!

4/23/09 Today is going to be a good day!

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At least, it will once my Tylenol kicks in lol. I did not sleep well at all last night. DD was tossing and turning all night and wound up in our bed around 4:30 this morning. I was up off and on all night, tired but just couldn’t sleep. And I must have layed wrong because one side of my neck down by my shoulder is a little stiff and sore this morning.

Today is supposed to be in the 80s and I am so excited about this! Maybe I will finally warm up sometime soon 🙂 I plan on getting the water table out for DD to play with this afternoon. I need to do some laundry, take my shower and go to the grocery store. Today is $10 off of $50, plus I have close to $20 in coupons to take off of the remaining total so I should be able to get some good stuff for cheap. Which is good because we are almost out of meat and veggies and fruit. Having lunch at 12:30 with my dad (got pushed back from last week). Tonight is movie night at a friends house if I feel like getting out.

Not much else to report and DD is trying to climb into the tub so I better get going!

Biggest Loser thought…

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anyone else wonder if it will come down to Mike and Ron? They are the one team that is still together and both still have quite a bit to lose….Neither will vote the other out as well. Thoughts?

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