The Plan

I thought it would be helpful for me to see, in writing, just what my plan is for this lifestyle I have adopted. I don’t have a diet plan, meal plan, or exercise plan, but I am a girl with a plaaan. Ah hem.

I spoke in my first post to calorie counting. Yes, I count them. Yes, I worry constantly about whether I will have enough calories for my nightly glass of milk and tablespoonful of semi sweet chocolate chips. (Its my motivation for good choices throughout the day.) But let’s be honest. I have an issue with food. I always have. I always will.

I hoard it, like I’m scared there will be none left. (Kinda odd, I do this with toilet paper too.) Then, once I’m convinced there is plenty, I binge. Thats why I think calorie counting works for me. I can hoard those calories, and then once deemed safe to consume, I simply eat them. No worries, I eat all throughout the day. I tend to be a grazer. But I hold onto as many calories as I can, for as long as I can.

As to exercise. I exercise like I dance. Sporadically. In odd movements, in odd places. I like to Zumba. But I Zumba to my own tune. Sometimes, when I’m cleaning and listening to music, an awesome Zumba-like song comes on, and I make up my own dance. In the kitchen. At midnight. In my undies. Yes.

Hi, I’m Lindsey. And sometimes, I wonder about myself.

Anywhoo. I’ve think….*think*, I might like to run. I put on oober catchy music, and run in place. In my kitchen. I know. The kitchen. But see, I really don’t have a place to run. I live in a small town, with one gym, that I can’t afford. And I don’t live near any running friendly sidewalks. So my kitchen is home to exercise sometimes. Sometimes it’s the only private room in the house that I get me time in.

People leave me alone in the kitchen. But they are probably just hoping I come out with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

I’m a weirdo. And I like it.

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