My personal breakfast heaven.

Spamland. What’s the purpose? Just to annoy? Good grief.

Today is grocery shopping day, but before that, I think I just made the ultimate breakfast. A new fave.

See, I enjoy hearty meals. Salads as the main part of the meal just won’t cut it every night. I need more substance.

My breakfast, shrimp burritoish thing. Yum. Made with:
Leftover shrimp.
Spinach. Saut├ęd in a spray of that 0 cal spray butter stuff.
A tablespoon of fiesta blend cheese.
Some fresh, from the garden tomato. Yum.
On a whole wheat tortilla, flat, thing.

I think I discovered heaven at 7am.

I never thought about shrimp in the morning. It’s just as great as at night.

On the note of food. I’m dehydrating some of those tomatoes, right now. I just stole one from the dehydrator. Delish!

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