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I don’t even like chips like that.

I was doing sssooo well.

Me and the boo have been having some issues, and yesterday, everything came out. I was eating so well earlier in the day, and then we took the boys to his moms house. We had worked it out between us, but I was still emotional. She had just gone to Walmart, so she had all kinds of unhealthy goodies in the house. Even though I made a point of eating a healthy snack before we went, I still managed to get my hands on a big party tub of Utz chips. I don’t even really like chips like that, and I even less like Utz chips. But I managed to sit there and chomp away. Before I knew it I had passed the 3/4cup serving size by far. Almost 1/4th of the jumbo container was gone. Granted, I was sharing with the baby and my hunny…but holy poop on toast!

I should have measured out what I would allow myself to eat, but I didn’t. I now know, I can’t be trusted with an entire tub/bag/whatever of something.

But worse of all, she always sends us home with a car full of goodies. Some healthy, some not.
The good: tomatoes, canned veggies, wheat bread
The bad:tons of Dukes Mayo (my weakness), candy, pre packed mac n cheese (the Kraft kind), chocolate milk, ramen noodles and the like….”for the kids”…ughhh their turning into fatties too!

She means well, and I know this.