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Good morning world!

Its early. Wayyy too early.

And I have some things to say. So listen.


*McDonalds is nasty. After not eating it for months, the kiddos NEEDED chicken nuggets last night, so I decided I could find something not so horrible to eat. I did, and it was gross. I chose the Classic Chicken Sandwich, Grilled, no condiments. Medium combo. That was the end of McDonalds for me…floppy, tasteless chicken, mushy tomato, just yuck.

*I work in retail. Why oh why must customers feel the need to be such jerks. Stuff thrown everywhere. Fitting rooms trashed. Irritability at the register. Then you want to speak to me, Ms. Manager, because YOU lost your receipt and MY people are following policy? And you want to write a complaint somewhere online because the store was trashed? But YOU and the other customers trashed it. I highly doubt my employees walked around before you got there moving stuff around and throwing it on the floor. Just saying.

Next time your in a store, be nice.

And finally…

*Why must my kiddos get up at 6:30am? I got up early this morning to write here, collect my thoughts, have my coffee, and just have some quiet time. I wanted to die when Anthony (age 4) comes in the kitchen at 6:35 to see why I’m up so early. Then he goes and wakes his brother (age 3) so that they could watch cartoons. GrRRRR.

Maybe my next post will be more positive.