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Something new.


To keep my life interesting, while on this Lifestyle change and all, I thought I’d do this blog thing. I’ve never been a blogger. Maybe this is the start of something. Maybe it’s not. We will see.

In part of this whole lifestyle change, I have also quit smoking. I know. Lose weight, get healthy, quit smoking. It’s a lot. But I do things better when I’ve got the drive to do them. So that’s I’m doing. So far, so good. Two months almost on this healthy thing. Two weeks almost on this not smoking thing.

If your interested…I am calorie counting via LoseIt! I use the app on my android phone and my IPad. I am active on the forums, and count everything. For the record, I generally dont eat my exercise calories. (This is such a debate, I just wanted to put it out there.) I eat about 2500 calories a day, exercise formally two or three times a week, and dance whenever I can, wherever I can. I don’t log the dancing though. I teach an impromptu Zumba and line dancing lesson at work whenever the mood hits me and there is fun that needs to be had. We like to have fun at work…

Speaking of work, I am an Assistant Manager at a pretty cool store. We are allowed to have fun, as long as the work is done. I take full advantage of that when we are bummin.

I happen to be engaged to a pretty amazing guy who loved me when I didn’t love myself. He has two kids, I consider them mine. He doesn’t want me to “get skinny”, I’m totally sure he’ll love me regardless though. He better.

I dont know what I plan to do with this blog. Lets see how my story unfolds.