Criticism please.

This is what I ate today. I am allowed right at 2472 calories.

Breakfast: 402
Egg Whites, 3
Cheddar cheese, shredded, 2tbsp
Spinach, 1 c
Tortilla Whole Wheat
Coffee, 3c. Each with 2tsp sugar, 3 tbsp creamer

Lunch: 377
Homemade Veggie Soup, Made with fresh tomatoes, corn, peas, green beans, turkey bacon (minimal for flavor), black beans, 1.5c
Sour Cream, 1 tbsp

Dinner: 318
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, 5 Ounces
Spinach, 1c
Cheddar Shredded Cheese, 2tbsp
Red Onion, 4 slices
Celery, 1/3 Piece
Grated Carrots, 3tbsp

Snacks: 870
Homemade Turkey Jerky 1oz
Medium Granny Smith Apple
Homemade Dried Tomato, 1/4c
Homemade Dried Green Beans, 1/4c
Whole wheat crackers, 6
Peanut butter, 2 tbsp
Dark Chocolate Chips, 1/4c
2% Milk, 1 1/3c

Total for day: 1968, -505 for the day.

I’m trying to eat good for me foods, minimally processed. Nutrient rich. I snack a lot. I must have my coffee, I usually only have 2 cups though. I must have my chocolate, it helps me control binges. I’m also on a budget of about $100 per week, family of 4.

Critique please. What can I be doing better?


    I love my hunny’s mom.
    I love her cooking.
    I hate the way I feel after eating her food.
    It’s nothing personal.

Great southern cooks. Collards. Fried chicken. Fried cornbread. Fried okra. Baked mac n cheese. All so delicious. All so FAT. I used to strive to be a great southern cook. Not anymore.

And before you say “just don’t eat it”, you must realize:
1. Cooking is an event in the South. Saturday breakfast, Sunday dinners, family dinners, weddings, graduations, pig pickins, funerals, church, fish frys. Everything is surrounded by food.
2. Cooking is personal. Insult the food, insult the chef, insult the entire family. In deep country accent: “It’s cabbage, whaddya mean it’s not healthy. Don’t you know health food little guuuurl!”
3. It’s so good.

Granted, I did make better than usual choices. Cabbage, corn on the cob, grilled chicken. It could have been worse. But all of that was dipped in butter, or butter-like product. Salted. And cooked til mush.

I feel like crap today. All the salt. All the fat. All the goodness. But at least I realize it.

My personal breakfast heaven.

Spamland. What’s the purpose? Just to annoy? Good grief.

Today is grocery shopping day, but before that, I think I just made the ultimate breakfast. A new fave.

See, I enjoy hearty meals. Salads as the main part of the meal just won’t cut it every night. I need more substance.

My breakfast, shrimp burritoish thing. Yum. Made with:
Leftover shrimp.
Spinach. Saut├ęd in a spray of that 0 cal spray butter stuff.
A tablespoon of fiesta blend cheese.
Some fresh, from the garden tomato. Yum.
On a whole wheat tortilla, flat, thing.

I think I discovered heaven at 7am.

I never thought about shrimp in the morning. It’s just as great as at night.

On the note of food. I’m dehydrating some of those tomatoes, right now. I just stole one from the dehydrator. Delish!

Bargain shopping and more :)

So, with a family of 4, our budget sometimes limits our healthy choices. Today was my first trip to the Dollar Tree since my healthy lifestyle change…and I wondered…can I conquer the aisles of cheaply priced, bad for you, junk.

I did, and along the way, I picked up some health conscious things that I was surprised to find.

My favorites:
-Rubbermaid Takealongs. Small plastic containers, with lids that rival my famous storage containers that I bought from my work. (I can’t say the name because I work for the company that sells them, but they have an incredible locking system. You can throw them across the room and voila they stay shut and intact.) These Rubbermaid bowls have measurements on them for 1 or 2 cups. Handy Dandy.
-Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch Singles to Go. Don’t know why, but I expected to only find the sugary ones.
-Spices. Again, I dont know why but I always assumed the spices there were crap. I bought and used them today. Just as good as the expensive stuff.
-Cheap kitchen gadgets. For their summer stuff they had a wide array of colors of squeezers, pokers, shavers, and openers. Excuse my terminology.
-Pedometer. Who knew? For a buck. Probably not the most accurate, BUT, it’s a buck.

Some of my Not So Favorites:
-Frozen Food Crap. My local DT has a freezer area now. Full of junk food galore! I had to look away to walk away from the frozen halepeno poppers.
-Honey Flavored Syrup. I grabbed one thinking, “Oh, honey, for a dollar, SCORE!” Then I actually read the label. Boo!
-Lots of canned veggies, none with low sodium.

On a different note. My fiance made chicken jerky overnight. Delish! Low cal! Chock full of protein!


We are working on Turkey Jerky now. Yum.

Yum, yum, yum.

Oh, and I’m off for 4 days from work! Whoo hoo! We were supposed to go to Myrtle Beach for the weekend for a carshow. But, no denero, no go.

Expect many-o-post from me this weekend documenting my boredom.

I don’t even like chips like that.

I was doing sssooo well.

Me and the boo have been having some issues, and yesterday, everything came out. I was eating so well earlier in the day, and then we took the boys to his moms house. We had worked it out between us, but I was still emotional. She had just gone to Walmart, so she had all kinds of unhealthy goodies in the house. Even though I made a point of eating a healthy snack before we went, I still managed to get my hands on a big party tub of Utz chips. I don’t even really like chips like that, and I even less like Utz chips. But I managed to sit there and chomp away. Before I knew it I had passed the 3/4cup serving size by far. Almost 1/4th of the jumbo container was gone. Granted, I was sharing with the baby and my hunny…but holy poop on toast!

I should have measured out what I would allow myself to eat, but I didn’t. I now know, I can’t be trusted with an entire tub/bag/whatever of something.

But worse of all, she always sends us home with a car full of goodies. Some healthy, some not.
The good: tomatoes, canned veggies, wheat bread
The bad:tons of Dukes Mayo (my weakness), candy, pre packed mac n cheese (the Kraft kind), chocolate milk, ramen noodles and the like….”for the kids”…ughhh their turning into fatties too!

She means well, and I know this.

I love new stuff!

Even though I just ranted about working in retail, it does have some obvious perks liiiike getting employee discounts and first picks at stuff…

Today at work I bought an awesome food dehydrator!!! For only $15!

Now I just need to learn some even awesomerrrrr things to make with it. Obviously dried fruit and veggies and jerky…but what else? Anyone have any awesome tips or recipes? I’m new at this!

I also got a sweeeeeet coffee maker and other cool things.

Oh, and by the way, i haven’t weighed myself in several days….tryin to hold out…

Good morning world!

Its early. Wayyy too early.

And I have some things to say. So listen.


*McDonalds is nasty. After not eating it for months, the kiddos NEEDED chicken nuggets last night, so I decided I could find something not so horrible to eat. I did, and it was gross. I chose the Classic Chicken Sandwich, Grilled, no condiments. Medium combo. That was the end of McDonalds for me…floppy, tasteless chicken, mushy tomato, just yuck.

*I work in retail. Why oh why must customers feel the need to be such jerks. Stuff thrown everywhere. Fitting rooms trashed. Irritability at the register. Then you want to speak to me, Ms. Manager, because YOU lost your receipt and MY people are following policy? And you want to write a complaint somewhere online because the store was trashed? But YOU and the other customers trashed it. I highly doubt my employees walked around before you got there moving stuff around and throwing it on the floor. Just saying.

Next time your in a store, be nice.

And finally…

*Why must my kiddos get up at 6:30am? I got up early this morning to write here, collect my thoughts, have my coffee, and just have some quiet time. I wanted to die when Anthony (age 4) comes in the kitchen at 6:35 to see why I’m up so early. Then he goes and wakes his brother (age 3) so that they could watch cartoons. GrRRRR.

Maybe my next post will be more positive.


Out of curiosity…

…i weighed myself again this morning. Because yesterday when I weighed, in had on jeans, a wet t shirt, cami, and my hair was wet. I needed to see my accurate weight.

Guess what?

Im super excited!

I weigh 272.2.

Now, i will start weighing myself less frequently. Maybe weekly, maybe every couple of days. I don’t know.

This is the first time in my life that I don’t hate the scale. That I’m curious about my weight. That I’m proud of that number. Not ashamed.

Hip hip hooray!

I bought a scale!

Ok, so this is no big deal to most, but to me, it’s a great ordeal. See..I’ve always have been terrified of the scale, because it has always been the source of depression, binge eating, and food hoarding. Since beginning my weight loss journey, I’ve actually just had a rough guesstimate of my actual weight. I was weighed about a year ago as part of a health activity at work, and that was my first known weight since I hit my teens. That was 280, that’s what I’ve been going by. After a year of a poor diet of chicken wings, butter, fat, Reeses, and Mt.Dew, I could have actually been heavier than my known weight.

Yes, pathetic I know.

But, today, I bought a scale. And…drumroll please….

I weigh..

And I’m happy about it.
And I’m happy to now be able to accurately see my progress.

I could have easily hit 300 before I started this lifestyle change. I will never know.

But I still won’t weigh myself daily. Never.


I’m seeming to have trouble with my calorie intake. I don’t get enough. Sure, I hoard them…that’s probably most of my problem, butbi needvto find some higher calorie foods, that are still good for me. I eat usual peanut butter, cheeses, milk, yogurt….hmmmmm.

I’ve been particularly dreery mood today. Not my usual upbeat, chipper, all is good in the world, self. I’ve been contemplating some major life changes recently. Maybe that’s what is doing it. Maybe my lack of exercise today is doing it as well. Maybe a combination. I’m not sure.

Too much in my noggin.

I’m trying to make this a real blog. But I’m not sure what that is….
My random ramblings?
My life events?
Only my diet and exercise? Where is the fun in that?

Ohh, I took my first “before” pictures yesterday even though I started this whole change last December. Ah hem, Scarrrrry stuff. I’ll post those when I have some after pictures to go with it.

Mmmm hmmmm.

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