Pants Rant

March 26th, 2009

Morning everyone and happy Thursday. It’s so nice to say Thursday! The end of the week is coming and I cannot wait. Nothing fancy planned and the weekend will actually be busier than usual, but even busy weekends are better than going to work. 😀 It’s a nice day here today. It supposed to get into the 70s again today and the morning was warmer than it has been so Linda was happy.


Work yesterday was fine. I kept occupied with stuff and didn’t hear anymore grumbling from the commodity manager. I guess my boss’s boss talked to him and told him what I was doing and what I wasn’t going to do. 🙂 I left work a few minutes early and had a nice drive to the gym. I got in my cardio and really got sweaty. The elliptical just kills me, but in a good way. I went home for dinner of mahi mahi tacos and calabacitas. Dessert was jello sf rice pudding and half a fiber one bar.  I watched the rest of The Biggest Loser that I taped the night before. You can see how Tara’s nerves are fraying. Under normal circumstances, I don’t think the fact that everyone had given her the extra weight would have gotten to her so much. I think she is physically stronger than all of them, but her mental condition seems really precarious. I hope they have counselors on site because I think she could benefit from talking to one. The group won’t be letting up on her because they all know she is a big threat and if she doesn’t start letting it slide off, she is going to really run into troubles. Aubrey was awfully snarky with her I thought.  Bravo for Tara for kicking their butt’s anyway! I was bored with TV, so I took a hot shower and was in bed before 9pm with the Furball and a book.


Up at my usual time. I had a lean pocket , got changed and out the door. The commute was very nice and work is pretty quiet as well. A few excitable people this morning but they have been dealt with and sent on their way. Mostly were sent away happy so that is good.  Nothing exciting at work today. Same old stuff I hope. After work, it’s off to the gym for a  trainer day. I think today is lower body and abs since Tuesday was upper body and abs. One of the exercises he called an Ab slayer and said I should really feel it the next day. Um, nope.  😆 I barely feel any of the ab exercises he has me do which is really really odd considering how large they are. I am wondering if under all the excess skin and fat if they aren’t really strong or something?  Being that the rest of me has dropped a size and my pants haven’t I thinking that the trainer’s assessment that I probably am not going to lose much more from them without surgery is pretty accurate. Even the doctor had said what was there was mostly skin.  Mel, don’t know where you got the idea I am a size 8, but that isn’t correct. My pants are still size 12 as they have been for a LONG time. I even have a few 14s that I wear. The legs/ butt on the 12s are getting pretty big, but the waist isn’t so I am stuck. Not going to invest in nice clothes really until after surgery. No point. And I need to lose 20 pounds before the surgery so there you go. I am frustrated and I keep going because I don’t know what else to do. I am going to see my doctor in another month or so and will bring it up with her again. My trainer’s cousin was about my size, he says when she had her tummy tuck and thigh lift and he says she lost 20 pounds from both procedures, so he thinks I would lose 8-10 from my gut. I was thinking 3-5 but what do I know?  Either way, I am waiting on the weight loss and it isn’t happening so bug dung!!!!  😛 Rant off for now.  After the time with the trainer, I’ll finish my cardio and then head home for dinner of Thai stir fried chicken and green beans. Dessert will probably be the last sf jello cup. TV tonight will be Hell’s Kitchen because Ugly Betty is on hiatus. 🙁  I’ll tape Grey’s and Private Practice, make my food for the following day and wash my hair before bed.


That’s all for me today. Things to do, people to ignore.  😛 Have a nice Thursday and don’t forget to sweat. 1.5 days until the weekend!