Holiday Hangover

January 4th, 2010

Morning everyone and Happy Monday. Back to the grind for most of us today. I can hear the collective groan. I did some of that myself this morning when the alarm went off at 5:40.  It’s a chilly morning here but will be nice later on today. As nice as it can be when one is at work, I suppose.


The long weekend was very nice. I got to the gym on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday as planned. Thursday wasn’t busy at all. Saturday was busier than normal but not too bad. Lots of new faces as expected. Sunday was pretty mellow there as well.  As I posted on Facebook, as long as the newbies don’t get in my way, no one has to die.  🙂  I had good sweaty workouts, came home right afterwards and scarfed down lunch like there was a famine going on.  😆  New Year’s Eve was just me at home with the Furball, as usual. I was asleep before midnight. On New Year’s Day, I did a little grocery shopping and went to the mall. The mall was not very busy at all and they had some good sales.  I got these boots at Nordstrom Rack. Zappos has them for 117. I got them for 53.00!  I am wearing them today as a matter of fact. I got a few other things, but the boots were the best deal of the day.  I took naps every day I was off except New Year’s Day because I was too busy shopping at the mall!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time off and as usual, though about calling my boss last night and quitting.  😆 I think about doing that every Sunday though.  Saturday I did my cooking for the week and a few chores. Sunday I did a few chores and tried to squeeze the last bit of relaxation out of the holiday. I watched Extreme Home Makeover and Desperate Housewives, washed my hair and went to bed.


Up on time this morning, thanks to a head stomping by the Furball. I got up, had veggie hash, got cleaned up and on my way. It’s pretty quiet around here today. I think everyone has a holiday hangover and not one that alcohol related. We just get into the routine of not having to get up and get going and now, well here we go again! There of course are the people who are giving up coffee or sugar or whatever for their New Year’s resolution. Later on in the week it is apt to be ugly as people detoxify from their vice.  I made a few resolutions. I am keeping up with the exercise of course. That one never has been an issue. I am tightening up on the food as too many snacks, healthy or not, were sneaking in the past few weeks. I also am being more assertive in my personal life.  I am pretty assertive at work, but in my personal life I can be a bit of a weenie. 😛 We’ll see how this goes. After work, I am heading straight home. Dinner is a dish called Cholent. I guess it’s a Jewish stew of sorts. Never had it before. I made mine with chicken, which is probably against the rules.. but what the heck! On the side is chili roasted broccoli. Dessert is popcorn. TV tonight is nothing much so I’ll play around online and get to bed at a decent time.


Hope everyone does okay today with getting back to the routine. Have a nice Monday!



Clothing chaos

November 2nd, 2009

Morning everyone and happy Monday. So far so good around here today.  I am running late today so this is going to be a short post.


The weekend was fine, just way too short. Friday was the Halloween party here at work. I had part of a cookie and a few tortilla chips. Nothing much else was worth the calories.  I left work on time and had a nice drive to Trader Joe’s. I got all I needed there, went to the grocery store and then went home. I did a few things around the house, had dinner, and vegged for the whole evening.  Saturday I was at the gym early. The trainer was there of course. As I was working out on one machine, he was right behind me! I told him it wasn’t fair because I knew he was watching me to make sure I didn’t slack off!! It wasn’t that he could see my fat, because well he’s seen it all before. The man knows my weight and my measurements. Cripes.  I finished up at the gym and went home for lunch. After lunch I had a nice nap and then got into my cooking. I got all of it done on Saturday so that was nice.  I spent the time in between cooking, doing a few chores.  I stayed p too late, but the falling back of an hour helped a lot. I was up early on Sunday, got cleaned up and on my way to the gym at 7:30. I worked out until 9:30, got cleaned up again and off to church.  I had greeter duty so I had to be there and I had to be there early.  Lots of people there as we had a special musical guest. This guy used to sing with The Platters and the Drifters in the 60s.  I really liked listening to him. Even more so than the Tanzanian singers from the week before. This guy had an amazing voice. One of those voices where I didn’t want to clap or sing along. I just wanted to listen.  After church I went home, had lunch, did a few things around the house and then had a nap. I finished up the laundry, had dinner and watched Extreme Home Makeover and Desperate Housewives before bed.


Up on time this morning. It was still dark when I woke up but not as dark. I got cleaned up, had veggie hash and got on my way to work.  Work has been busy but mostly with stupid stuff this morning. Still am dealing with stupid stuff and its just now 2pm here. After work, I am stopping off at Macy’s because I have a discount card to use and need socks. Dinner tonight is spaghetti squash with tomatoes, feta, onions and basil and oven roasted tri tip.  TV is nothing much so I’ll do some work around the house. I am having wardrobe problems.  My clothing from last Fall is very sloppy and too big so I need to go try stuff on and toss things. Losing weight/inches is freaking expensive. Pants that fit me a few months ago and now too big. I know that is good news, but sheesh!  $$$$  Of course the Furball will get into the closet with me to help, which actually means getting in the way. She gets sooo nosy when I am doing something different!


That’s all I have time for right now. Have a nice Monday everyone. Shove the candy in the freezer or TOSS IT OUT!

I beat the tar out of myself

October 5th, 2009

Morning everyone and happy Monday. I wish I was still at home in bed sleeping, because I am again short on sleep but work isn’t awful this morning.  It was actually 45 on the ride in to work today. Fall is definitely on its way.


The weekend was nice. Friday I left work on time and had a nice drive homeward. I stopped at Trader Joe’s and got all my stuff. The free sample was their organic Spaghettios and I now remember why I don’t like those things. UGH. Organic or not, they were nasty. I can’t believe I ate those as a kid, but at least as a kid I had hot dogs in ‘em. 😀  I stopped at the grocery store, got the rest of my stuff and went home and had dinner. Dinner was the last of the chicken with blackberry sauce and green beans, I think. I am getting to old to remember what I ate three days ago! I spent the evening doing nothing and enjoyed myself thoroughly.



Saturday I had time for a leisurely breakfast since I woke up at 5AM!! I tried to get back to sleep, but it didn’t work so I hauled my butt up and got started on my day. I had plenty of time to do a little cooking in he morning since my trainer appointment wasn’t until 10am. I watched Diet Tribe that I had taped the night before and so far really liked the show. It is much more realistic since the women live at home during the show. Just to show you how screwed up my perception is, when I was watching that show I was deciding which one of those women looked about my size. I was deciding this before the weigh in. Well the one I decided looked to be my size weighed 221 pounds… 55-60 pounds MORE than I do.. <head smack> I got to the gym about 9:30, got in some cardio and stretching and met with the trainer. Saturday was a circuit training day and it was pretty tough. He commented on how much I had improved since last time we did circuit training. I told him I thought I still sucked.  😆   I also told him about my continuing perception problems, whereas he just shook his head in amazement.  😆 BTW my trainer’s style reminds me a lot of the trainer on the TV show’s style. The workout was tough but I got through it. I got in my cardio afterwards and then went home for lunch. After lunch I did a little cooking then took a nap. It was great. After my nap I did some chores, had dinner and then finished up most of the rest of my cooking. Sunday I had a quick breakfast and got to the gym around 9. I got in a good workout, but managed to beat the heck out of myself in the process. I had already smacked my knee on the angled leg lift machine on Thursday and had a nice bruise going. Well I managed to smack it again making it worse. I somehow pulled my lower back on the same machine. According to the trainer this is an issue with my too tight hamstrings. And then while I was on the floor doing some other exercise, I managed to smack the back of my head on a weight bar.  UGH. So that was three things in one day:  My knee, my back and my head. I went home afterwards and had a quick lunch. I got cleaned up and then went to Home Depot to go shopping. I looked around at the refrigerators that were in the cosmetic damage area. None were what I wanted so I looked around at the ones on the floor. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. There was NO ONE in the appliance area. I got tired of waiting and went across the street to Sears. Sears was more than happy to help me and I bought this.  It will be delivered on Friday.  😀 I came home, cleaned out my old fridge of gunk and food to toss, cleaned under the fridge and then took a one hour snooze.  Oh yeah, while I sweeping the kitchen floor, I managed to let the broom fall over right on my little toe!! OW After my nap, I did laundry, took out all the trash and had dinner. Dinner was calabacitas and grilled chicken with a cilantro cream sauce. YUM. Dessert was popcorn. I watched Extreme Home makeover while I folded laundry and then Desperate Housewives. I washed my hair and went to bed. I didn’t sleep well from my toe hurting and my back.


Up this morning on time. I hobbled out of bed, had breakfast, got cleaned up and on my way. Work is pretty mellow so far this morning, but I am hobbling around here this morning. When I sit down, my back gets all stiff so when I first stand up I walk funny… Sigh. I am a mess today.   The one thing that helped was the hot shower this morning so I may be soaking in the tub at home later. I emailed my boss that I was having a  delivery on Friday and wouldn’t know until later Thursday night what time it was at. She said I can work at home if I need to all day so YAY! If my appointment is later in the day, I’ll come in because we are getting our flu shots on Friday and I’d like to get it done and over with. If the delivery is in the morning, I still might come in if I can for the shot. I sent an email to Home Deport corporate about the store I went to and getting no help looking for a fridge. I let them know I went across the street and Sears was glad to help. Hope that gets someone at that store’s butt motivated….since they lost a pretty expensive sale.  The rest of today is the usual stuff here. After work, I am heading straight home. Dinner is acorn squash stuffed with brown rice, onions, chicken sausage and apples… all baked up together. A spinach salad with a warm honey mustard bacon dressing is on the side. Dessert is popcorn. TV tonight is House and Drop Dead Diva that I taped last night.


That’s all I have time for. Long entry today. Have a nice Monday and don’t forget to sweat.




Morning and happy Friday all. Lovely cool Fall morning here. I am at work and bored out of my mind on some stupid company wide conference call I HAD to attend. It has nothing to do with my group or department and is a waste of my time. I am IMing with two other co-workers and they agree.


Work yesterday was okay. I kept busy but wasn’t overwhelmed. I spent most of the day writing procedures which is as boring as it sounds. I left work on time and had a decent drive to the gym. I got in some cardio and stretching and then met with the trainer. Yesterday was indeed lower body day. Most of it was challenging, but not too much but then he gave me an exercise that I really struggled with. Stability ball put your feet on the ball and your hands in the man pushups position.   Then you move your legs inward by using your abs WHILE staying balanced on the ball and not falling off. Eck, I had trouble even getting ON the ball at first.  😆 The first set was really tough, but by the second set I was better at it and the third even better. I still think I sucked, but I got a high five out of him for doing it.  The rest of the workout was fine, tough but fine. I did my cardio afterwards and then went home for dinner. I had the last of the jambalaya and the last of the Texas cabbage.  I got my breakfast made for the following day, packed my lunch bag, played online a bit and then settled in to watch Grey’s. It was pretty good, but Izzy is already annoying me. I watched the first few minutes of Private Practice and then set the VCR to tape the rest. I got the dishwasher going, washed my hair and went to bed.


Up on time this morning. I got changed and on my way. The commute was fine and the email was as merciful as it could be.  I’ve spent the morning doing busy work, and then had the stupid boring call that lasted over one hour that was a complete waste of time. The rest of the day will be the usual stuff as well as working on procedures.  After work I am off to Trader Joe’s and the grocery store for supplies and then home. Dinner is the last of the grilled chicken and the last of the broccoli with garlic and cashews.  TV is the rest of Private practice and Cougar Town along with whatever else is on tonight.


The weekend will be the usual. Saturday I have a meeting with the trainer at 10am so I’ll be at the gym later than normal. This is all in the name of earning free sessions. Lunch afterwards, then a nap and then my cooking. Sunday I am off to the gym early and then I am planning on going to Home Depot and scam on new refrigerators. Mine is just too dang small. With the amount of veggies I eat these days, I really have almost no room in there and fresh veggies take up a LOT of space when you shop once a week. I am looking at one of these  My trainer said he got one with a small ding on the side for almost 50% off, so maybe I’ll get lucky! Then afterwards I’ll go home for lunch, take a snooze and then do laundry and chores afterwards. No church.


That’s all I have time for today. Already nearly lunchtime. Have a nce weekend and count those calories!

I want it NOW!!

September 21st, 2009

Morning or almost afternoon everyone. It’s starting out to be one of “those” days and I am already up to HERE with whiney people who need their device NOW because it’s year end. Well everyone wants their device NOW because it’s year end and all of you cannot get your device NOW. I am doing the best I can but that may not be good enough for some of you. Rant over.


The weekend was nice but too busy. Why can’t I have a clean house and food all cooked at all times so I don’t have to spend my weekends doing that? What happened to “real” downtime”?  Sigh. On Friday I stopped off at the grocery store and Trader Joe’s on my way home. Trader Joe’s had a free sample of chocolate pudding. It wasn’t bad at all but it was boring. I went to the grocery store, got a few things then went home and had dinner. Dinner was um.. what was dinner? Oh yeah.. I use some of the seafood sausage I wasn’t thrilled with and made a Szechuan dish. It came out really well. I had a veggie egg roll on the side and dessert was popcorn.  I had a little down time, which was nice and went to bed at a decent time.

Saturday I had a nice breakfast and then got on my way to the gym. I had a good two hour workout, came home, did some chores, had lunch and then passed out for a nap. Not enough sleep during the week really catches up with me. When I woke up later, I felt much better and then got into my cooking and chores. I got most of my cooking done AND managed to make a double batch of communion bread for church.  I got to bed too late, again. Sunday I was up before 7am, stuffed in some breakfast. Got cleaned up and on my way to the gym.  I got in my 2 hours, got cleaned up there and on my way to church. I had to go since I had greeter duty.  My fellow greeter never showed up so I had to snag someone to help me do the offering part. They were having birthday cake after services and I snagged a small piece. This wasn’t the usual butter cream frosting store bought crap that I usually pass on. This was something wonderful.  I felt guilty for it, which is stupid because normal people eat cake sometimes. I haven’t had cake since May and I felt guilty. Stupid me!  I accounted the calories for it and everything, but I still felt guilt.  Sigh.  I stopped off and gassed/washed the cart on the way home and then went home for lunch.  I did a few chores and then to a short nap. I got into the laundry afterwards and finally had a little bit of downtime, but then I felt guilty about the state of my bedroom and went to clean up there.  I watched some TV while I folded laundry and went to bed too later after washing my hair.


Up at the usual ungodly hour this morning! I had veggie hash, got cleaned up and on my way. Co-worker is out today so I am buried again. A Monday and right before fiscal year end. Can you say insanity? I missed a call with the boss’s boss due to computer issue and Linda issues!  Gads! The rest of today is apt to be as nutty as the morning so I am just trying to get through it. After work I am heading to Costco so hopefully some good sales will help beat the stress. Dinner tonight is a pork, basil and bean sprout stir fry over shirataki noodles,, a side of stir fried veggies and a couple of pot stickers. TV tonight is a new House season. YAY!!  Bedtime after or at 9pm. Not sure which.


That’s all I have time for. I have to cut lunch really short today because people are going nutso.  Have a nice Monday and don’t forget to sweat.

Going to be a busy week

September 8th, 2009


Morning everyone and happy Tuesday. It’s a cool morning here and all is well. The space heater is running off and on on my feet and I suspect I’ll have to switch from sandals to shoes by the end of the month.  That’s okay by me really. Fall is a favorite time of the year!


The long weekend was very nice. Friday I left work about 45 minutes early and had a nice drive to Trader Joe’s. I got all my stash, then went to the grocery store and got the rest. I spent the evening at home doing absolutely nothing important.  Saturday morning I scarfed down food and then got off to the gym. I got in a nice workout and then came home and did a few chores and things before lunch. After lunch, I took a very nice nap. The rest of the day was dinner, most of my cooking for the week, time on the computer and a little TV. Sunday was almost identical to Saturday except I did less cooking and more laundry.  Yesterday started out with waking up WHEN I wanted to, having veggie hash and playing around on the computer a bit. I got cleaned up and on my way to Kohl’s. I had a 15% off coupon and a coupon that paid the sales tax too. Here it is 9.25% so this was almost 25% off. I found two shirts, two exercise tanks, a pair of slipper and a necklace so I am pleased. Then I went across the street to Macy’s. I got 2 pairs of jeans and two pairs of black pant and a shirt. I got everything there for like 40% off.. cool beans! The last stop was Target where I got Smart ones stuff, tissues, Tums, makeup and other assorted exciting stuff. 😛  I went home nuked a flatbread sandwich I had gotten at Target for a late lunch and then relaxed around the house. Dinner time a bit later, then folding laundry in front on the TV. I took a hot shower before bed and read a bit.


Up on time this morning. Thinking how nice it was to not have to do anything yesterday, but what I wanted to do instead of what I HAD to do. I had a smart ones sandwich, got cleaned up and on my way. The commute was fine and here I am at work. The co-worker is out almost all week so I was pretty busy all morning. It normally is busier the day after a holiday so me being alone made it worse. I managed to plow through the backlog though. The rest of the day here is the usual stuff. After work, I am off to the gym to see the trainer. No idea what is in store for today. My legs are a bit sore but not bad. After the gym, I am going straight home for dinner. Dinner is beer brined chicken, Mexican corn on the cob and squash with feta. Dessert is probably a fiber muffin. TV tonight is nothing so I’ll play around online.


That’s all from me today. It’s past 11am here and I have things to do. Have a nice Tuesday and don’t forget to sweat.

Shorty Tuesday

July 14th, 2009

Morning everyone and happy Tuesday. All is well here except its going to be another hot day. It was 97 yesterday and even warmer today. Whimper! 🙁 I don’t like triple digits. Only the oven is supposed to have triple digits!

Work yesterday was fine. Snarky woman went away and shut up so that was good. The rest of the day was the usual stuff around here. I left on time and had a nice drive homeward. I stopped at Target as planned and got lots of stuff. They didn’t have Lime Away or Folex so those will have to wait for the next grocery store trip. I went home and had a dinner of Szechuan shrimp and Chinese green beans. Dessert was part of a Balance Bare bar and some cashews. I did have some sugar free jello later on too. I watched some of House, but realized I had seen the episode before so I played on the computer, then took a hot shower and went to bed to read.

Up on time this morning. I had a lean breakfast pocket, got changed and on my way to work. The commute was decent and work is pretty good. No big issues. The naughty vendor has been very very quiet the past day or so, so I wonder what they are working on. Some way to deflect my large credit request, no doubt. Today has been the usual stuff. One person here locally is in a panic because someone’s BB got stolen and a new one will cost $400.00. I have been scrambling trying to find a free one for him and I did back east so I’ll get it here in time and save the day. 😀 After work, it is off to the gym. Today is a day with the trainer so no idea what he has planned. Something horrid no doubt. Whatever it is, it will be horrid since by the time I get home tonight, it’ll be over 100 degrees at the gym. Great. Dinner is jerk chicken, tomato bread and zucchini and corn medley. Dessert will be jello. TV is nothing tonight so I’ll be playing on the computer and bothering the Furball.

Nothing much else going on. It’s a usual day around here.. famous last words, right? 😛 have a nice day and don’t forget to sweat

Morning everyone and happy Monday. Sigh. No, I’m not happy. I was having my usual Sunday night, “I should just quit my job” fantasy yesterday. Work is just boring!! Same old stuff, but I know I should be grateful. I just have the post long weekend grumpies. 😛

The long weekend was nice. Friday I got up early, had breakfast, got cleaned up and hen got out the door to do some errands. I stopped off at Kohl’s first and had some awesome luck there funding stuff and it was all on sale. I got some new necklaces and some new tank tops to wear at the gym. You-know-who has been ragging on me about my bagging tops for a long time now. These are more light weight than the ones I had and smaller so hopefully this will shut him up. I then went to Trader Joe’s and then to the grocery store. Both places were a zoo but the grocery store had ruder people I think. Nothing cheeses me more than people who stop their cart in the middle of the aisle and then stand there looking at stuff, or else they park their cart on one side and then wander over to the other side looking at stuff. Either way the entire aisle is blocked up! Grrrr. I went home afterwards, had some lunch and then took a lovely nap. Gosh I love naps. The rest of the day was spent doing nothing too important. Friday is my no gym day anyway, so I didn’t go. Saturday I was up early, had breakfast and got to the gym. I got in a good workout, sweated buckets while watching San Jose’s own Joey Chestnut again win the 4th of July hot dog eating contest. Go Joey!! I came home, had lunch did a little cooking, played online and then took a short nap. I did the rest of my cooking later in the evening, had dinner and just hung out around the house. The usual idiots were shooting off fireworks and making the Furball nervous. She didn’t hide under the bed, but she made it clear she did NOT like the extra noise outside. I went to bed too late. Sunday morning I was up and dragging. I didn’t get much sleep the night before for some reason and then later on in the morning I got very very queasy. I rested most of the morning, had a light lunch, still felt queasy ad bloated so I went to bed. No Gym for me yesterday. I had absolutely no oomph at all. By dinnertime I was feeling a bit better. The only thing that settled my stomach was having food in it, so eating went fine. It was just when I wasn’t eating that it became a problem. I watched some TV in the evening, washed my hair and went to bed to read.

Up at my usual time this morning. The Furball was sound asleep next to me so I know not wanting to get up wasn’t just MY issue! 😆 I had veggie hash, got cleaned up and on my way to work. Work is pretty quiet this morning, but dang it is cold. I even had the seat warmers on during the drive in and my space heater is on here under my desk. Man and it is summer! No meetings today and no calls. I’ll just be trying to stay out of trouble. After work, I am heading straight home. Dinner is grilled peanut chicken, a hungry-girl coleslaw and a garbanzo bean, broccoli and snow pea salad. TV tonight is a House rerun and that’s it.

Have a nice Monday everyone!


June 22nd, 2009

Morning everyone and happy Monday.  Nice day here today. No idea how warm or cool it is supposed to be because I completely missed that portion of the news! Guess it’ll be a surprise!  It was a nice weekend, weather wise so I guess today is probably more of the same


The weekend was nice. Friday I left work on time and had a decent drive homeward. I stopped off at Trader Joe’s and got: mushrooms, spinach, watermelon, blueberries, zucchini, broccoli slaw, Canadian bacon, fat free feta,  turkey bacon, mineral water, cottage cheese, edamame, soy sausage, lettuce,  mixed potatoes,  and fresh basil. I stopped at the grocery store and got the rest of my items. I went home, had dinner and pretty much vegged the rest of the evening. It was nice.

Saturday I was up early, made Shannycakes for breakfast, got cleaned up and on my way to the gym. I got in a good sweaty workout and did those horrible moves he had me doing on Tuesday.  I got cleaned up at the gym and got over to the mall by 10am. I had a $10.00 off coupon for Macy’s that was good only until 1pm, so I wanted to use it. I didn’t find any clothes I liked but I did get a nice non stick Calphalon grill pan. Regular 60.00. Marked down to 40.00 and with the coupon I got it for 30.00. I am pleased. I went to Target, bought a few things and then went home for lunch. After lunch, I took a nap and then got into my cooking. I got everything done on Saturday except cooking the meats, as planned. I had dinner, which was the last of the chicken and veggies and relaxed the rest of the evening in front of the TV and in front of the computer. I was in bed at a decent time. Sunday I was up early, not as early as the day before, but early enough. I got changed and off to the gym.  I got in most of my total body workout, before some lady came over to talk to me. I had seen her in the gym before working with a personal trainer, but we had never talked. Anyway, she was talking about personal training and was wondering how I liked it.. etc.  She just started a few months ago and had just bought another 30 sessions. Anyway, then she said to me, “I have to tell you. I think you are doing so awesome with your trainer. I see you doing exercises and I cannot ever imagine I can do those.”   I was floored, needless to say. Someone thought I was doing awesome? Me? Linda? Fat Linda who feels like a slug all the time? Me? Awesome? Anyway, we had a nice chat about trainers and stuff. It was nice to meet a lady at the gym She reminded me of Kim for some reason. She had glasses and similar coloring I think. Anyway, I got in my cardio after that and then got cleaned up and went to church. After church I came home, had lunch and was thinking about what that lady said. I started to doubt it. I know I know. I already think my trainer sometimes tells me I am doing well because he wants to keep my business and then I started thinking that maybe he recruited her to tell me a lie.  😆 Okay I KNOW this is nutty, but it was how I was thinking okay? My self esteem isn’t all that great, ya know? I just cannot picture myself being someone, anyone looks at and the word “awesome” comes to mind.  I have to learn to trust people.  Anyway, I took a nap, did some chores and then got my pork tenderloin in the oven and my chicken on my new grill pan. I LOVE my new grill pan. It has plenty of room for two giant chicken breasts and it cleans up easily. That was the issue I had with the cast iron one. It was horrid to clean. Dinner was the fig and chile pork tenderloin, shredded Brussels sprouts and zucchini and hominy medley. Dessert was blueberries and a jello sf rice pudding. I watched Extreme Home makeover and some other stuff , washed my hair and went to bed.


I slept lousy last night so I am very glad there is no gym tonight. I was up at the usual time this morning. I had my veggie hash, got cleaned up and on my way to work. It’s pretty quiet this morning, so that is good.  I have no meetings today and no calls, which is good because even though I am not swamped I still have plenty to do. After work, I am heading straight home. Dinner is grilled sweet mustard chicken, warm potato and green bean salad and a green salad. Dessert is blueberries and jello if I have calories left. TV is House and whatever else is on. Bed early


That’s all I have time for. I just nuked lunch and need to go stuff my face. Have a nice Monday everyone.



Morning everyone and Happy Friday! Wowie… we made it to the end of the week! It’s a lovely and way too bright day here in the SF Bay Area. Summer starts today at like 10:30pm so either today or tomorrow is the longest daylight of the year. Glad I have my sunglasses. 🙂


Work yesterday was okay. Nothing exciting or weird. Just the usual stuff. Got all the rest of my invoicing submitted so everyone can just STFU and things being late. It wasn’t MY fault they were late, but I still got b1tched at. 😛 I left work on time and had a nice drive to the gym. I got there in plenty of time so I got in my cardio and lots of good stretching beforehand. I met with the trainer and he was sneaky. Yesterday was a total body workout day, not just legs. The arm portion wasn’t as nearly as tough as Tuesdays workout, so that was good. He really increased the weights on some leg exercises and that went better than expected.  He is going to ask around for any sports massage therapists for me. He told me about one a friend uses but will ask other people. I told him how terrified I was because they always hurt and he sad they hurt him too. He said the last time he went, he was crying into his arm and felt bruised for four day!  YIKES!! I am definitely not getting one quite that harsh. I got in the rest of my cardio and went home for dinner. Dinner was chicken, roasted veggies and romesco sauce. Dessert was a fiber bar and a jello rice pudding cup. They were on sale for ½ price this week! I watched a little Ugly Betty, a little Grey’s, washed my hair, made my food for the following day and went to bed to read before sleep.


Up at the usual time this morning. A fast cleanup and out the door. Work was pretty quiet so no one interrupted my breakfast here. 😀  I’ve gotten a few things I needed to clean up, cleaned up and now have a bit of downtime. That is, until the next whining email or call.  😆  After work, I am doing the usual Trader Joe’s and grocery store stops. Dinner is lentil tacos and the last ear of he yummy Mexican corn. Dessert is popcorn.  TV tonight is Dr. Phil and What Not to Wear. Bedtime at a decent hour.


The weekend is a normal one. Saturday I’ll be up early to get my gym done with as soon as possible. I’d like to be there at 7:30 so I can be done by 9:30. Then I am off to Macy’s. I have a coupon for $10.00 off a $25.00 purchase. I am going to look for workout tops as the ones I have now are just car too warm. The rest of Saturday is the usual nap and cooking. Sunday is early to the gym, then church then home for doing whatever is left to do. Probably some housework and laundry and maybe a short snooze.


That’s all from me this morning. It’s almost 10:30 here. Have a nce weekend everyone. Count the calories!