June 10th, 2010

Afternoon everyone. I have a lull going on so I’m going to take a few minutes to post before someone bugs me. It’s a lovely day here in the bay Area. I walked out side to take some stuff over to anther building so I actually got to see it!!  😆


Work has been busy. On Monday one of my co-workers was out sick and the really annoying part was no one knew.. not any co-workers nor the boss. He didn’t call not r email.. nothing. I am sorry but if you are that sick you can’t do those things you had better be in the hospital!  When I got campylobacter and had to be at the clinic for 9 hours and almost got sent to hospital, I managed to let my manager know I wouldn’t be in to work. Sheesh. Anyway, it was crazy busy as he was out on Monday and Tuesday. I got through it though. My other co-worker I think took one ticket each day. I got the rest which was probably 20+ tickets.  On Monday I went straight home after work and Tuesday I went to the gym and saw the trainer. We had a good upper body workout and thankfully the gym was not quite as stifling hot.  Wednesday was a usual busy day. The co-worker was back but from what I could tell all he did were the tickets that were in the queue before I came in. Other co-worker did none, as usual.. at least from what I could tell.  I went to the gym after work for cardio only day and then went home for dinner. I watching Jillian that I had taped the night before because the show is on way too late for me to stay up and watch it. Again I felt the show was fine, but I felt like I was missing something. The editing on this show is really harsh and that probably has to do with the fact the show is only an hour, but 5 minutes after people meet Jillian they are having emotional breakthroughs. It just seems way too fast because that type of things really has to come from some sort of emotional intimacy or am I just terribly off base here? Anyway, the lady and her kids looked great and I hope they keep it up.


Work today has been busy but a little more even keeled than earlier in the week. The normal crises and cries from people that their blankie (Blackberry or cell phone) is broken. After work I am off to the gym for a lower body day with the trainer.  Dinner is cardamom chicken and warm potato salad with green beans, red peppers and laughing cow cheese.. yum. TV is whatever is on, washing my hair, making food for the following day and getting some good sleep.


That’s all I have time for. I have some things I need to do before I leave for the day so I had better get to them. Hope you have a nice evening and don’t forget to sweat. 1.5 days until the weekend and just over 3 weeks until the next holiday!


5 Responses to “Lull”

  1. incontrol2day Says:

    That’s so inconsiderate to just go MIA when people are expecting you to show up.

    I hope you have a great friday and even better weekend!

  2. ceejay57 Says:

    that is very inconsiderate of the co-worker. I threw up in my bosses ear on the phone but i called in sick.

  3. laura705 Says:

    I agree – you have to be really sick to not even be able to make a phone call or send an e-mail or have someone do it for you.

    Have a good weekend. 🙂

  4. loosingme Says:

    Not calling in is just plain irresponsible. Actually, sets grounds for dismissal, if you ask me.

  5. 3FC Says:


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