Busy week back at work

May 27th, 2010

Afternoon.. just wanted to get a  post in today. Had no time yesterday as it was my first day back at work and I had a mountain waiting for me. It wasn’t too bad, but enough to keep me occupied all day.


My time off was very very nice. I took naps, did a few chores, went to the gym, did a little shopping and just generally de-compressed. Of course I didn’t want to come back to work, but the money fairy didn’t stop by so I came back to work. 😛  I watched The Biggest Loser on Tuesday evening and enjoyed it. Was glad to see everyone had lost some weight. Some looked better than others of course. I am glad Michael won. I was rooting for him. Ever since he made me laugh, I’ve liked the guy. He is, dare I say, a real cutie now, isn’t he? 😀  I had a really tough time sleeping ion Tuesday night. I normally get up to use the restroom once or twice, but I kept waking u too warm or too cold. It was really muggy that night and that messes with my sleep.  Last night was MUCH better.   Work yesterday was busy, but not insane. Looks like everything was handled while I was gone, of course the minute I got back the people who are supposed to be working the queue with me, stopped working it.   😆 The only two issues they took were the ones that came in before I came to work.. The rest of the ones during the day were all me. I went to the gym after work and had a good cardio only evening. Dinner afterwards was grilled chicken sausage and polenta and lots of roasted veggies – grape tomatoes, zucchini, crookneck, carrots, and onions. I watched a little TV, played online, watched the end of American Idol and was in bed around 10pm.


Up on time today . Had breakfast, got cleaned up and on my way.  Work has been fine today. After work I am off to the gym to see the trainer. Oh she talked to my old trainer and told him about the man “lusting” after him on Craigslist.  😆 She said she probably shouldn’t have laughed so much when she told him, but that he took it pretty well. Since the guy in the ad said he was super hot, next time I see him I am going to comment on how he is looking super hot today.  😆 Yes I am evil!  Anyway, today is lower body day so that will be good. Dinner is Indonesian chicken over a little quinoa and an Asian green salad.  TV is nothing interesting so I’ll be playing on the computer and annoying the Furball.


Not much else going on.. just looking forward to the three days weekend. Have a nce Thursday everyone and don’t forget to sweat. 1.5 days until the nice long weekend!!

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  1. incontrol2day Says:

    Your meals sound yummy! I’m glad to see you are having a pretty good week so far 😀

    Have a great memorial day weekend!

  2. sunnydaze Says:

    How nice that you are enjoying your time off. I was glad that Michael won, too. Those roasted vegetables sound delicious.LOL re. your old trainer – I guess to him a compliment is a compliment whether is came from a man or a woman. LOL.

    Have a wonderful long weekend! 😀

  3. loosingme Says:

    I think Micheal looked great too…..someone mentioned about how his legs bowed in…but I figure, when you carry around 500+ pounds…there has to be something that gives. Maybe it can be corrected…or who knows, maybe its something he has had all his life!

    LOVE roasted veggies….

    Enjoy your three day!

  4. laura705 Says:

    LOL, the money fairy. Re your comment – Nope, can’t wear any type of shoe that doesn’t offer support. I see so many women wearing flimsy flip flops (and by flimsy, I don’t mean cheap/low quality, just totally flat w/ no cushioning or support) and I’m alternately concerned for the fate of their feet or jealous of them. My shoe wardrobe will probably be limited to orthopedic shoes and Birkenstocks from now on. Sigh.

    Have a(nother) good long weekend. 🙂

  5. loosingme Says:

    knock, knock….is Linda home?? where have you been chickie? Miss you!

  6. kotapaint Says:

    Second knock, knock. Hallllloooooo?

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