Finally Friday for ME!!

May 21st, 2010


Yay… Friday. The start of a four day weekend for moi! I am taking off Monday and Tuesday because again I will max out on my vacation this month. What a bummer, huh?  😛  It’s a nice but cool morning here and I am enjoying it so far.


Work yesterday was fine. It was pretty busy but it went well. I have finished the documentation I needed to and will send it off to the person who makes sense of what I wrote later today. The other people have been covering for me for a few hours each day so that helped tremendously.  Of course they only had 3-5 things to take care of so it wasn’t a  big stretch, but I think they’ll milk it for all its worth.  😛  The poor me-s were out in full force on the call on Thursday.  I got what I needed to get done, done I think so that is what mattered. I left work on time and had a nice drive to the gym.  I got in some cardio and my warm up and met with my trainer. Thank goodness it was a leg and lower body day. My poor arms were still screaming from my Tuesday workout with her. One thing I haven’t mentioned about her before is that she and my prior trainer used to be an “item”. I think they still are from time to time but I don’t think it is a serious ongoing thing. Anyway, I told her yesterday about the craigslist posting about my former trainer because I knew she would find it as funny as I did.. more so actually since she knows him a lot better than I know him, ya know?  😛  Well she just thought it was hysterical and was going to tell him when she saw him Saturday.  Heheh I am sure the rest of the gym was wondering what was going with the two of us laughing like idiots.  😆 She said she thinks she might know who it is, strangely enough. Don’t know how she might know since the gym is crawling with gay guys so I dunno. Maybe one of them flirted with my former trainer before. Shrug.. anyway, it made for an interesting conversation. After my workout with her, I got in the rest of my cardio and went home for dinner. Dinner was salmon, zucchini, bok choy and carrots and some basmati and wild rice on the side. I had popcorn for dessert and a sugar free fudgesicle. I made my food for the following day, played on the computer and then sat down to watch the first hour of Grey’s. I had every intention of going to bed at 10 and watching the rest later, but once it got starts I couldn’t tear myself away. WOW. What a finale! Scary and good and just riveting! I washed my hair and went to bed late, but it was worth it.


Up on time this morning. I got cleaned up and on my way. Had breakfast here, dealt with a few fires, worked a little on the process documents and then back to working wireless issues. So far it’s a pretty mellow morning.  Not much going on today except the usual. After work I am off to Trader’s Joe’s and then the grocery store before heading home. Dinner tonight is either the last of the eggplant and chicken or else whatever I see at Trader Joe’s that looks good AND isn’t too diet derailing!. If I find something, I’ll save the chicken and eggplant for tomorrow. TV tonight is whatever is on and lots of sofa time with the Furball.  The weekend is gym, cooking, chores and no church. Monday is a complete sofa/nap day and Tuesday will be sofa. Nap and gym.


It’s getting late and I’m on a long call so I had better publish this. Have a nice weekend everyone and count those calories

7 Responses to “Finally Friday for ME!!”

  1. sunnydaze Says:

    That is wonderful that you’re getting another 4 day weekend! Enjoy it – I know you will;) One of these days I’ll get to TJ’s. Lately I’ve been hooed on Everybody Loves Raymond reruns in the late evening. LOL

  2. incontrol2day Says:

    Enjoy your 4 day weekend !! It sounds like you will get lots of R&R.

    How funny about the trainer situation. Do people really take craigslist seriously? I’m always scared of scams.

  3. laura705 Says:

    I been enjoying the fudgesicles too. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  4. loosingme Says:

    Happy, happy birthday, my dear friend. Enjoy all your time off!!!

  5. tkt117 Says:

    I hope you had a great Birthday! Enjoy your last day of mini-vaca! 😉

  6. moonfairy Says:

    enjoy your time off! i’m jealous.

    LOL @ you and the trainer.

  7. loosingme Says:

    ahem….ok…miss LT…where are you????