People don’t READ!!

May 7th, 2010

Morning everyone and happy Friday. Lovely day.. only going to get better once 4pm rolls around because I’ll be rolling out of here. Well I got distracted and now it’s afternoon.. Oh well


Work yesterday was busy. Had a few meetings so no time to blog or read, I left work on time and had a nice drive to the gym I got in my cardio and then waited for the trainer. And waited. And waited. Where is she? She never is late.. ever so I started wandering around. Another lady was also looking for her trainer and we saw them both in a closed door meeting with the trainer manager.  Uh oh. One of the other trainers told us we shouldn’t wait for them so I went ahead with my workout on my own.  She finally got out of hr meeting at 5:30.. 30 minutes after my appointment started. She very apologetic and I told her not to worry because I knew her manager was an a$$. I’ve gotten an earful from prior trainer so the fact he would keep her in a meeting and not allow her to leave to notify her client is yet another example of it.  She worked with me for 20 minute, no charge to me and then I got in my cardio. Went home afterwards and stuffed my face. I watched grey’s, fiddle around on the computer, washed my hair, cooked food for the following day and went to bed to read. I am reading a new book called Dating Dead Men. It’s a comedy mystery. Supposed to be like Janet Evanovich. Anyway, I only got a few pages in before I had to call it a night.


Up on time this morning to a nosy butt cat. She kept sticking her nose in my face and doing the head walk so I finally got up. Got cleaned up and on my way. Work has been busy but not crazed. I am just  getting use to the fact that I pretty much have to work the issues here alone and the other two people are almost no help. Sigh. Some of it is the fact they have other clients to help and they are putting them first.. I’ve seen it. My boss does nothing so I am just shutting up. Waste of my air.  Dealing with clients all day who don’t know how to read an email.. so irritating.. I send theme everything, then they email me back asking me a question that I already answered.. and then I say, per my email below I am doing this…”  Arrrghhhh After work, I am hitting Trader Joe’s and the grocery store before heading home. TV is whatever it is tonight and I’ll play a little on the computer


The weekend is the usual, gym twice, cooking, chores, naps and Furball time. I’m trying to do simple dishes this week. We’ll see how that goes   😆 Anyway, hope everyone has a nce weekend and count those calories so they don’t become implanted on your butt.




6 Responses to “People don’t READ!!”

  1. incontrol2day Says:

    You and your trainer sound like you guys have a great relationship 🙂 It’s nice that you are so understanding!

    Enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend! Hope you have lots of fun and relaxation! I wish we had a trader joe’s nearby where I am.

  2. kotapaint Says:

    ANd if people do read, they don’t comprehend and their attention to detail STINKS. I wonder if the world is just overwhelmed, overworked, etc. or are many of them just plain stupid and inconsiderate? One day I’m diplomatic and give the folks the benefit of the doubt and the next day I’m not so diplomatic and would just like to whack them over the head. 🙂 Ahem.

  3. laura705 Says:

    Maybe people have gotten used to sound bites and text messages and reading and comprehending anything longer is too much work for them…

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend. 🙂

  4. moonfairy Says:

    Did the trainer say what the meeting was about?

  5. tkt117 Says:

    I think I would be voicing my opinion to the manager that her management style is interfering with the happiness of her customers (YOU!) That is completely rude! On the positive side you got 20 mins for free! 🙂

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when you give everyone the info that they need and they repeatedly ask you for the same information that was right before their eyes the whole time! 😉

    I hope your weekend was great.

  6. loosingme Says:

    too bad about the problems with the management at the gym….

    I am thinking of you right now…I’m hungry…lol

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