Hell week

April 9th, 2010

Morning everyone and Happy Friday. Yippee. It’s a lovely day here today and so far it’s a bit calmer than this week has been so far. Of course now I’ve jinxed myself and the world will come crashing down. Sigh


This week has been a bear. I haven’t had a chance to even read any blogs let alone write one.. On Tuesday I worked out with the new trainer for the first time for an upper body workout. She had some good exercises. The only issue I had with her was she didn’t know how much weight I could handle and she kept bringing over weights that were too light.  I always told her when things were too light and she corrected it right away. It will just take her some time to get to know what I can and cannot do. She is younger than my last trainer, but she is nicer… more encouraging. I met with her last night again and we did a lower body workout.  It was another good workout, but again I surprised her with how much weight I can handle.  She said you are really strong.  😀  I told her about a couple of my goals, aside from weight….One armed man pushups and bench pressing 100 pounds. I told her I like to compete with the men on the weight instead of the women so she now gets more about me.  She is a foodie like me and the other trainer, but I don’t think she is as experienced in cooking.   It gives me a chance to be smart and pontificate.  😆  The rest of the week has been the usual. Work has been freaking nutty.  Management has decided I need to open an electronic help desk ticket for every issue I handle now, so instead of just replying to emails and calls, I have to document everything. This is taking a ton of time. Time way from the blogs! I hope once we get used to the new procedures, it will be quicker. Right now it is ponderous.  Evenings have been spent at home with Furball and the computer. Not much TV this week.


After work today, I’ll head to Trader Joe’s and the grocery store and gas station before heading home.  Dinner is some yummy apple gouda chicken sausages I got at Costco and some Italian peas. TV is whatever is on. The weekend is the gym both days, some cooking on Saturday and chores on Sunday. No church this weekend.


Time for me to post, maybe read a few blogs and get back to work. Hope everyone has a nice day and great weekend. Count those calories and sweat!

5 Responses to “Hell week”

  1. sunnydaze Says:

    Yay – you’re back! Sounds like things are off to the right start with the new trainer. That’s good news. Hopefully work will calm down for you soon. TGIF! Have a relaxing weekend! 😀

  2. loosingme Says:

    oh gosh, I pondered over whether to get those sausages at costco, but settled on the spinach asiago ones…so we will have to compare.:) I haven’t had mine yet. Good lord, with the double packs those things come in at costco, you will have those on hand for months! lol

    Sorry you are so bogged down lately.

    Glad the new trainer seems to be a good fit. I suppose finding the right trainer is much like finding the right gyn doc…lol

  3. laura705 Says:

    Glad the first session w/ the new trainer went alright. Ugh, too bad about the added step with the help tickets.

  4. kotapaint Says:

    Glad to hear you like the new trainer. 🙂

  5. incontrol2day Says:

    I’ve always wanted to get a trainer. I think it’s so awesome you have such specific physical goals. Have a lovely weekend!

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