To Answer Some of Your Questions

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Dear Readers:

I wrestled with this a lot because I want you to know that if you took the time to post a comment regarding some aspect of my blog that I truly want to respond. However, please see this from my perspective. I am struggling to write new posts as I go through this journey of weight loss and dealing with a near life time dysfunctional relationship with food as well as read all of your posts and monitor them. Whew! It has mushroomed and I regret that I need to spend more time writing new posts since that has been one comment that I see frequently vs some of the more technical comments, questions or concerns that many of you, dear readers, have.

So, once again, I must direct you to contacting tech support regarding questions about format, how the RSS feed looks on your particular electronic device and so on. I think any blog tech support could assist you especially if your platform is not Word Press, which is what mine is.

Also, I would love to be a “guest” blogger on some of your similar blogs but I simply have to draw a line somewhere and my first committment is to keeping my blog the best that I can do. That requires my undivided attention and composing posts that are informative, hopefully useful and ideally somewhat “entertaining and enjoyable”. However, thank you for asking. I appreciate the gesture more than you know.

As for having “guest writers” on my blog, I will have to decline on that as well. Managing your writing so that it would fit into my “vision” would be an added “responsibility” that I do not wish to take on at this time. I will keep this in mind. A word to the wise though: if you sincerely wish to pursue this then give me a legitimate e-mail address. I have already checked a few of yours out and they were bogus. Don’t take me for a fool nor waste my time. Shame on you!

So, keep the questions and comments coming. I love reading your input. I listen. I really do.

Thank you for walking this journey with me, fellow sojourners.


Addendum: After reading many of your comments since I posted this entry, I felt that an update might be in order. I will try to answer some of your questions here.

1) I do not control how my blog presents itself on your electronic device. My suggestion would be to contact the source that you are using and bring up the issues you are having with them. I am sure that their tech support should be able to assist you regarding that.

2) Although I appreciate the offer of either guest-hosting your own blog or having you guest-host on mine, I am finding that to do what I am doing here and maintain the quality that I am aiming for takes all of my free time as it is. Again, I thank you for the offer(s) but I must decline for the reasons just stated.

3) For those of you who comment on the videos, photos or any other visual aids that you have mentioned, I want you to know that I have not presently included any of these to my blog. This blog was created for the sole purpose of chronicling my weight lose journey as my life itself unfolded. Although I agree that a “picture is worth a thousand words”, I have decided against including any of that aforementioned at this present time. However, I have been saving photos taken of me which I will include at a future date so stay posted.

4) Again, I would appreciate it if you didn’t try to piggy back my efforts with your SPAM, your opinions on non-related topics and your own rants about “anything and everything”. Please take personal responsibility as a reader and when you leave your “footprint” please let it reflect itself as something that others would also benefit from. You are your best advocate and judge.

5) For those people who do have legitimate comments regarding improving my blog; I thoroughly do wish to hear those. Please be specific regarding this. Keep your comments short and to the point. I am good at reading between the lines. That is the best that I can do regarding interaction for the time being. I know some of you have requested a live link to a forum or other group discussion. I too would love this but my time is limited and although I have been a part of that in the past couple of years I find that “takes away” from doing this blog. Perhaps, at a future date…..

6) For those people who are seeking advice about how to start their own blog, design themes, etc. you can contact the tech support at and I am sure that they will be glad to help you.


Again, I do want to genuinely thank all of you who took the time and effort to read my blog and left a comment. I am glad we connected on some level. I am writing about my life and there is no script so for those of you who wish some additional information, my suggestion is to make a simple and short statement to what exactly you are looking for and I will do my best to either provide it on future entries or direct you to where your questions might be answered.


For those of you whom I have not sufficiently answered your questions that you presented in your comments, I have set up an e-mail address where you can send me your questions and I will do my best to answer them or direct you to where you can get them answered. Word of caution: since SPAM seems to be part of the fact that I do not have you be registered or a user of my account to be able to leave a comment, I would greatly appreciate it if you did not abuse this. If it turns out that way, I will dismantle it. Here is an e-mail that you may contact me regarding questions or concerns that were not addressed in this post. [email protected]