I Want This but I Don’t Want to Do This….

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“I really need some help. I have lost something and I don’t know what. It may be the want too. I want to lose, but not the doing to get there I guess. So afraid and I know I will gain the weight back if I don’t at least stay on BLC. I feel like I am leaving you all down. Can’t seem to get it back. I do for a day and then lose it again. I am so sorry to bother you. You must feel like a mother duck with all her ducklings following her around. I know you can’t help me if I don’t want to change. I really do deep down inside, but it seems so hard for me. What is wrong with me? is what I ask myself sometimes. Why can’t I do it ? I think I want a quick fix. The magic bullet and it “ain’t ” gonna happen” –comments from one of the group members of the online diet group I lead.

My response:

HOW DO I STAY MOTIVATED?” Some of us need a short term event like a birthday or a wedding to kick ourselves into gear. That is not a bad idea but the only thing is what happens to the “day after” when the event is past? Do we revert to our former habits and worse yet, regain the weight we just lost back? The drawback to losing weight for “special events” is that we are doing it for “others” like hoping to make others jealous or even like us or like ourselves rather than simply because we want to be healthy for ourselves “long term”.

I personally believe that at the root of this kind of “dieting” (because that is what it is—not a commitment to long term healthy eating) is that it sets you up for yo-yo weight lose and regain as well but does something even worse: it quickly erodes what self-esteem you are trying hard to bolster with “quick fixes”.

Another aspect of lack of motivation is being “lazy”. No one likes to address this since it is something most of us don’t want to admit that we are “guilty of” but quite often we simply want (again here it is) a “quick fix”. We want all the glory without the “guts” it took to achieve a much desired goal. One of the things that I love about watching the Olympics is seeing the “supreme sense of satisfaction” that these athletes have on their faces when they cross that finish line or make that last winning effort that pushed them to that medal status. There is nothing that feels (or tastes) better than “VICTORY”.

When I did really start to seriously take the issue of losing weight to the next level? When I realized that no one but myself is going to make it happen. I have chased a lot of elusive “diet programs” that cost me thousands of dollars only to regain the weight. Besides, draining my pocketbook, they also drained what precious little self-esteem that I was trying to hold onto.

Today, I sit here and I can tell you that every pound that I have lost and then kept off meant I had to make a choice. The better the choices; whether it was to forego the double cheeseburger for a baked potato (like last night at Wendy’s) or to be satisfied with a tall glass of ice cubes while watching t.v. instead of the “Snicker bites” that I was thinking about during the commercials. The choices I make today will show up on the scales on Monday. It is both that easy and also that hard.

Today, try replacing self-pity with self-responsibility. I like to tell myself: “If you don’t steer the ship, don’t be surprised if you end up drifting somewhere you don’t want to be.” I know where I want to be. I have been doing this long enough that I also know what I need to do. There are a lot of things about this weight loss “effort” that I would like to skip but I have come to the realization that “quitting is no longer an option.” I know that I will not be satisfied until I have crossed that finish line. It may take me longer than I want but I will not be satisfied until the “job gets done”.

Bruce Jenner recently told Oprah in an interview that for 6-7 days a week for 6 years he trained to win the gold medals he has now in his possession. At the time he EARNED those medals(no he did NOT win them!) he was considered “the best of the best”. That is the heart and mind of a true champion. Know what you want. Stake your claim and then GO FOR IT.

NOTE: This online blog is intended solely to share my personal experiences with others who are also working on losing weight and keeping it off. They are my opinions and do not reflect anything but that.


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