It’s More Than “Doing The Time”

Posted by lettucelose on June 19th, 2012 |Filed Under Dealing with Obstacles, Keeping It Real | 3 Comments

I had an “a-ha” moment this past weekend. I was watching a series of interviews that Lisa Ling did with some prisoners; how they got in, following them when they got out, etc. and I was really struck by something that I felt I had in common with them: being a “return offenders”. One of the prisoners who broke his parole after 17 days said he felt a lot more stress being out of prison than inside. He said that life was too fast “out here” and in prison he had a “routine” where here he had “endless hours where he was bored”.

This [online diet]group [that I formed and lead] has been together since January 2nd and already I have seen some people go and whom didn’t leave narry a good-by note. I want to believe that they are doing well on their own and they are continuing to lose weight but I also “worry and wonder”.

This is unsolicited “advice” but take it if you need or toss it overboard but “stay close to the boat…or the sharks are liable to get you.” Don’t stray too far from “what works” for you. I know that I have and I also felt “convicted” as I watched that program about these prisoners that I too have been “imprisoned” myself only the bars that I see is the extra pot belly and larger than life thighs that I carry on my body. Those are my “prison bars”.

Lisa Ling asked the prisoners’ if they thought they would end up returning and surprisingly two of the ones said “Yes, I believe I will.” They knew in their “heart of hearts” that it wasn’t just about “doing the time” but also embracing a “new way of life”. One man, who was trying hard to “stay clean” said that when he sees one of his old “gang buddies” he waves but then he walks away really fast.

If we want to be truly free of our own “prison”, this extra weight, then we also have to do more than just “do the time”—following a specific food plan and exercising, etc.–we have to be willing to “embrace a new way of life” so we never have to be imprisoned again by our extra weight.

Something to think about…


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