Wolves In Sheep Clothing

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Dear Readers:

First of all I want to thank each and everyone of you who are reading my diet blog. Secondly, I do appreciate when you take time out of your own busy lives to respond and leave comments. I have thought long and hard about how to handle your responses. This is my response to your responses.

I am currently active participant in two online diet support groups. I have been active in one group on 3FC for over a year. I have been active in some other groups on another site, Biggest Loser Club, for close to 18 months. In the fall of 2011, I made the decision to “resign” from two other¬† BLC groups so that I could create and “host” another online diet support group on that same site. Besides, my own personal life and desire to work on my own weight issues, I am also aiding others in finding their own “success” in their own personal weight loss efforts. I am finding that this is not only my “calling” but also my gift. I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity and I want to give it my “very best”.

In the past, I have said “Yes” first and then spent having an anxiety attack wondering how I was going to keep and honor my commitments. No more! I have always wanted to give my best to whatever venture that I have undertaken. In my “old age”, I am realizing that I do not want to dilute myself to the point where I become ineffective in both my ability to do what I need to do for myself and what I can offer other fellow “sojourners”.

Therefore, it appears that I am going to have to lay some ground “rules” regarding this ongoing blog. I am not a computer technician nor a software programmer.¬† I am an obese person who is presenting her personal experience in losing weight. That is what I am good at. I do not want to give you misleading or wrong information regarding areas of expertise that I simply do not possess. Therefore, I can not specifically answer questions related to how the feed is presented to you, how to set up your own blog or any other technical questions. www.3fatchicks.com is the site administrator so I would recommend that you contact them and seek answers to your questions.

For those of you who would like to share my personal experiences either in one of your own groups that you are involved in or within the context of a newsletter, my answer at this time is “No”. I do want you to know that I have given it a lot of careful consideration. The main reason why I have declined to do this is quite simply I am in the process of losing weight. I have a long way to go. It may take me another year, if I am fortunate, to lose the remainder of the weight I need to lose. Then, there is the matter of maintenance. I would prefer if you continue to follow my blog, if you so choose, and then ask me again in 6-12 months. So, in the interest of maintaining my credibility and integrity as a person whom you have obviously begun to trust; the answer for now is “No.”

Postscript: If you feel that my stand seems unreasonable or harsh, my original decision was confirmed to be correct when I attempted to contact several of you readers who made these requests but gave me false e-mail addresses to respond to. Wolves in sheep clothing.

On another point, which has come to my attention in a rather unpleasant way, I also have to protect the integrity of the content of this blog, which is my inherent “intellectual property”. Although your intentions appear to be honorable, I have already had to deal with piracy and theft of my ideas. My simple stand on this is that it is “bad karma”. However, as a realist, I realize that there are those who not only grab at any quick weight loss diet that comes down the pike but also that there are people who want to “ride on the coattails” of claiming credit for something which they have not put in the “blood, sweat and tears.” It is not only a crime, it is disrespectful and insulting.

In conclusion, thank you again for your readership and support.

***Regretfully, I feel that I must share this disclaimer as well. Please do not use any of this content, partial or whole, for your own purposes. It does constitute theft and it can be punishable by law under the current U.S. copyright laws.*****


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