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It’s been about three weeks since I re-started my weight lose and exercise plan again on BLC. (Biggest Loser Club online site)
Here is an update on what has been happening since I “signed on the dotted line”.
I joined two support groups: one on the BLC site and another one on 3FC diet support site.

The BLC group is more about what I am doing physically for myself. I checked in with the group, read what they were doing and asked if I could join. They said “Yes, provided that I follow their rules.” It is all about accountability and offering positive support. I have fast “fallen in” and I have received a lot of coaching and helpful feedback.

Based on the format of this group, I bought myself a pedometer for $30 and I wear it from the moment I get up until I go to bed. I report to the group and leader how many steps I am taking and how much plain water I am drinking. Once a week, on Monday. I report what my “official” weekly weigh in is. The leader has made a spreadsheet where she shows our individual progress and also within the group. If we drink at least 64 oz of water each day for a week we get a gold star in front of our name. If we go from one ten pound range to the next lower we become a member of the Ten Pound Club. I haven’t done that yet but it is neat that our efforts are being shown not only to ourselves but to others. It is a neat idea and it has a fun element to it!

There are other recommended exercises posted by the leader that  I can also participate in if I wish.

My other support group here on 3FC is using the “Beck Diet Solution” as the “rulebook” for the group. Essentially, this is change from the inside out and mostly what is between our two ears. It is a method of “Cognitive Therapy” that was developed for people who want to lose weight, stick to their food plan and maintain a weight lose for life.

For myself; I have decided that there is no eating “on plan” or “off plan” but only ONE PLAN and that is the plan that I am learning to live from now until I am “six feet under”.

I received an e-mail from BLC right away about 80/20 healthy eating. I hope that my food log looks like that. It feels kind of “weird” logging that I ate “unhealthy” foods but seeing it in black and white is a daily reminder of what food issues I do have, how I may or may not be handling them and that I am still working on my weight lose even if it isn’t all about salads and raw vegetables. I have been on so many diet plans, programs, followed so many of “don’t eat this and don’t eat that” that I just can’t do it anymore. There are no good or bad foods on my ONE PLAN; only better or best choices.

Another thing that I have been making slow but steady progress in is being more active. I never thought that having the pedometer on me would actually incite me to move more but it seems to do that! I am constantly checking it and I even find myself saying “No, I will do that” because I know that it will mean getting up and moving my body more. Hmm?? Who knew?

I also bought two books by Peter Egoscue: Pain Free at your PC and Pain Free. Peter Egoscue is a sport physicologist who developed a Method that will alleviate chronic pain; something that I have dealt with since 1993! I just started this but it comes to me through the recommendation of a friend of my sister’s who has alleviated chronic pain in her shoulder, an injury from long ago. My sister, who was in a life-threatening car accident, and who has been making routine visits to her chiropractor for the past couple of years, told me about this. I’ll keep you posted on how I am doing. I will say that chronic pain has robbed me of my sleep, my energy level and my disposition (at times).

I am now currently up to 4 ten minute “sessions” on the treadmill. I started out three weeks ago at 2 ten minute “sessions”. The pain in my knees were so bad that was all I could tolerate and that is coming from someone who has dealt with chronic (and at time debilitating) pain for close to twenty years.

Side note:
By doing the lunges in the Basic Core Stabilization exercises, I have slowly increased the muscle strength of the front of my thighs to the point where I have also increased my “sessions” on the treadmill.My hope and plan is to add another ten minute “session” next week and then the following week until I am at 6 ten minute “sessions”. At that point, I would like to break that into 4 fifteen minute “sessions”, then 2 thirty minute “sessions” and then, hopefully, I will be strong enough to “tolerate” 1 sixty minute “session”.

My “outdoor” goal is to be able to walk outdoors along with my husband by Easter for an hour. Ideally, without my cane.
This past week I have also been busy turning my once “dedicated” home office into a “dedicated” home gym. We do have a very nice work out facility on our apartment complex but it just doesn’t seem to be “worth” going down there for ten minutes here and there. Plus, I am an older woman and there is mostly all young guys working out. This way, I can work out in the privacy of my home, on my own turf and on my own “terms”.
I had purchased a work out bench years ago and it had been in the box in a storage unit for the same amount of time. This coming from someone who not only belonged to a fitness center for years but also was quite involved in body building “eons ago”! I asked hubby to help me assemble it for my Valentine’s Day gift. I worked on painting the walls and moving out “extraneous” furniture” this past week and it went in there along with our wonderful treadmill (I am so glad I bought a really good one when I could actually afford it).

I also purchased a new pair of work out shoes. I have some that aren’t too worn but I really want to have a better pair for serious walking. I also bought myself a MP3 player. I do not know how these work except that I am hoping I can listen to tunes while I am walking. Again, since I live in an apartment I have to comply with noise “regulations” although our neighbor’s dog doesn’t seem to be aware of that.

I wonder if they are allowed music in the gym on the ranch. To me, there is nothing like a good rock beat to really “rock” your workout.

Today, I decided that I am “ready” to increase my Basic Strength exercises to the Intermediate level. They are below:

Core Combination
(Do ALL of the exercises in this group):Abdominal crunch 15-20
Hip bridge 15-20

Upper Body Pull Combination
(Do ALL of the exercises in this group):Bent over one arm rear fly 15-20
Prone cobra on floor 15-20

Standing one arm row 15-20

Lower Body Combination
(do ALL of the exercises in this group):Squat 15-20
Stationary lunge 15-20

Upper Body Push Combination
(Do ALL of the exercises in this group):Modified pushup 15-20
One arm bench press 15-20

Prone shoulder combo 15-20

So, right now, this is what I am doing to move towards my weight lose goal:

Monday-Saturday: walking on the treadmill 4 ten minute sessions.

I also log any additional calories burned
. I use as my source since they have an accessible directory of calories burned for some of the most unlikely things I have ever thought of. (PS Yes I log my sexual activity–hey, calories burned!–new incentive to go for the “burn”) The list is short right now because I am still using a cane for most ambulatory activities but it will increase as I become stronger.Following the 80/20 healthy eating recommended here within my recommended calorie range of 1800-2100 calories per day. So, for now, those are the changes that are occuring for me.




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