I am ready to lose my damn mind!!! today, THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE at work asked me either a)Are you pregnant again? or b)when are you due?? 2/3 of them actually pointed to my chub. What is wrong with these people?!?!?!?! ATTENTION CO-WORKERS. I HAD MY BABY SIX MONTHS AGO. I AM NOT PREGNANT AGAIN. THANK […]

mostly unrelated frustration.

This blog has become a complete sanctuary for spammers. I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t get an email every time a comment was posted. I disabled email alerts and changed a few settings hoping to get it under control. I really do NOT want to have to delete this blog without informing you […]


I’m hailing a taxi cab. So I can jump in the backseat and scream “FOLLOW THAT WAGON!” Me and the boy on Upper McKinney Falls Family Photo What can I say? we feed the boy a lot of sweet potatoes. Daddy and Jamesicle! Wheee! The weather was perfect, PERFECT, for this trip. Exploring Nature Lots […]


Spring break is rapidly approaching. The last few weeks, DH and I have hemmed and hawed over possibilities on how to spend some of our spring break time.  I’m back to working 40 hour weeks (probably for a limited time only) and my schedules are not set until the friday before the next schedule begins […]


172.0 this morning. I was excited for James to take his nap because I had really enjoyed doing TBL Cardiomax yesterday (with Bob!) and I was looking forward to trying it again today. Even though my thighs, butt, and abs were really sore. (matter of fact, DH was feeling frisky last night but I could […]

they shoot horses, don’t they?

a couple of things -got down to 174.4 before bouncing back up with pre-tom bloat -am now easily a size 12 that’s it.

speed trials

oh thank god. 178.0 this morning. I’ve been a bad blogger lately. and I mean, a really bad blogger. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you had thought I’d completely dropped off the map.  The truth is, I’ve kind of been too ashamed of myself to own up to the fact that I gained […]

I really truly gained 4 lbs this week.

I can do a back bend, I will not call you back

Ugh. with a side of Ugh. Topped off with some more Ugh. today: weigh in : 181.0 lunch: LC French Bread Pizza, WW yogurt, a banana. snack: We were grocery shopping at HEB Plus! and it’s a saturday so they were sampling stuff everywhere. I had a beef rib (meh), a sliver of veggie pizza […]


TOM is back. WTF is that about?