First mini-goal achieved….

I guess 10% weight loss isn’t a mini goal for some, let’s just call it a goal. Anyway. Weighed in at 204 yesterday. That means 23 lbs lost and I’ve hit my first 10%. So exciting. I snapped a photo for the occasion. Apologies for the lousy lighting. The picture on the left is from […]

I know you don’t know what I mean

I’m assuming you chicks usually know what it means when I haven’t updated in a few days. I’m still a little ashamed at how quickly I threw my self control out the window last week. I was looking through old photos today and I came across this photo from when my dad came to visit […]


I’m hailing a taxi cab. So I can jump in the backseat and scream “FOLLOW THAT WAGON!” Me and the boy on Upper McKinney Falls Family Photo What can I say? we feed the boy a lot of sweet potatoes. Daddy and Jamesicle! Wheee! The weather was perfect, PERFECT, for this trip. Exploring Nature Lots […]

you can learn to get along

I’ll let you in on a little yoga secret. Yoga is much easier when you don’t have a big belly in your way. At least it is for me. 171.8 this morning. I feel like screaming, kinda. I’d gotten so used to seeing great drops on the scale. I guess this really is a plateau.  […]

rainbows in the dark

Um. So along my whole journey, I’ve been taking photos of myself, every now and then, in my underwear. For my own personal stash. Seems I need to compare them to each other sometimes to see any progress at all. I was taking a set today when I noticed something very peculiar… My thighs. They […]

I keep on talking trash, but I never say anything

I’m such a bad blogger lately, what is with me? Good news, however. I’ve reached the 170s and I hope to sail right through. So I’m up to my eyeballs in stuff for James’ party. I don’t even. Wow. I have so much done and so much more to do. I’m really tired. today: weigh […]

The earth is not a cold, dead place

Let it be known, that despite all of my misgivings and shortcomings, throughout my bouts of insanity (both temporary or otherwise), regardless of all other variables on the planet, I know deep in my heart that I have the strongest cornerstone I could ever want. I’m speaking of course, of the Lord. If you’re not […]

ice age, heat wave, can’t complain

Nothing fancy today. Just me. A perfect stranger came up to me today while I was working and interrupted me just to tell me his opinion. Verbatim: “I’m sorry I don’t mean to interrupt you while you are working, but I was over by the water fountain when I looked up and saw you, and […]

Progress Photos! Thorough!

Here is a set of progress photos with a couple of pictures dating 2005 or earlier. 🙂 First we have my high school graduation in 2003. Not a clue what I weighed. Next we have June 2005 when DH and I were dating, still no idea but those jeans are a size 18 Next, DH […]

since we’ve no place to go…

work wasn’t that bad. It felt like I hadn’t been gone for almost two weeks. That sucked. This is going to be a lame update by the way. I’m tired and distracted and blah blah blah. Today I started the arduous process of customizing a calendar for my sister in law on  I spent […]